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How to make pancakes with Suzette sauce

How to make pancakes with Suzette sauce


  • Half
  • 45 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • € 1.9 / person
  • 305kcal per 100g.

How to make Suzette pancakes .

I present you one of the most elaborate sweet recipes of French cuisine, the Suzette crepes with their cream and flambé .

We already have pancakes on this blog for all tastes, sweet versions with sugar , with chocolate , chocolate , apple , Catalan cream … or salty with very original fillings: chicken , seafood and fish .

But Suzette pancakes are invincible as a dessert at any dinner or special meal. It takes a little more work, I admit, but the result is sensational.

Why are they called Suzette? There are crepes Georgette (made from fresh pineapple), Simone (Marzipan, candied cherries and cherry liqueur), Yvonne (Cocoa paste, marzipan and chocolate), Suzette … why not?

They say that its creation was totally accidental as it happens with many of the best recipes, a cook inadvertently spilled and burned a crepe with a little tangerine liqueur. After trying the pancake, he found that it tasted good so he presented it as the star dessert we know today, a complete success.

A warm and delicious pancake, a very grateful dessert or snack with an orange flavor thanks to the Grand Marnier liqueur, an adult pleasure at hand for all. I certainly encourage you to prepare them, you will not regret it.

Preparation of the cream for the crêpes

  1. We wash an orange, grate without reaching the white part of the fruit because it is bitter and we reserve.
  2. The crêpe pasta-cream is quite easy to prepare. In a bowl we pour the milk, beer, flour, a pinch of salt, the butter in the ointment and the eggs.
  3. Mix everything with the mixer without lumps. Let it rest for an hour so that it finishes thickening although the cream must be loose.
  4. Add to this cream the orange zest, a tablespoon of vanilla essence and 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  5. In a crepe pan or hot pan spread a little butter. I recommend two simple tricks to avoid overdoing the butter when smearing the pan.
  6. Peel a potato and cut in half, prick with a fork and dip the smooth surface in the melted butter and then spread the pan.
  7. Or we break a little butter into a stick. We wrap one end in aluminum foil to hold it and spread the pan on the other.
  8. Spread the pancake in this way until the butter is melted, it should not be very greasy but we should not fall short either.

Preparation of the base pancakes for the recipe

  1. The first pancake is trial (I gobble it at the moment). It is the most greasy because the crepe maker is taking the temperature point and the degree of fat of the butter, the second is usually perfect.
  2. When the crepe maker is hot, add the cream so that it covers the entire bottom, only just so that they are fine.
  3. I use a 27 cm diameter crepe maker and cream the size of a ladle (do not pour too much because otherwise they will be very fat).
  4. We lift, tilt and turn the crepe maker so that the cream is distributed throughout the entire bottom.
  5. The pancake will start to cook instantly, we will have it for 15-20 seconds at medium temperature and when the edges begin to fold up (because they are toasted) it is the right time to turn it with the fork.
  6. When you turn it over if the tone of the toast is not golden it will be due to a lack of egg, you can take advantage to add another to the cream. Brown on both sides and stack on a large plate.
  7. We continue making the crêpes until the cream is finished.

Preparation of the Suzette cream (“Beurre Suzette”)

  1. We wash and clean the orange. Grate the orange and reserve in a mortar.
  2. We cut it in two and squeeze the juice from half the orange. We reserve in a glass.
  3. Crush the zest with the sugar in a mortar. Add the butter and beat.
  4. Add the juice and the Grand Marnier to the butter and sugar. We mix everything well until we get a fairly liquid cream. We reserve.
  5. We fold into a scarf as you see in the photo and spread the Suzette pancakes with the orange cream.
  6. We place them in the dishes that we are going to serve for dessert and sprinkle with a tablespoon of cane sugar dessert.
  7. We reserve before adding and flambéing with the liquor.
  8. Many of us have a little problem with flambing.
  9. In the end it is not so bad and with this explanation I hope you do not have problems with these crepes and in a simple way they are yummy.

Flambéing of crêpes and final presentation

  1. Once we have the Suzette crêpes we must put the Red Grand Manier in a saucepan. We put it on low heat without it coming to a boil and heat the liquor, no more than a minute.
  2. We take it away from the fire and set it on fire. With the flame lit we pour the liquor content into each crepe that we have previously prepared.
  3. Another way is to fold the pancake into a scarf and cover it with Suzette cream.
  4. We place two or three, depending on the size of the pan and over low heat.
  5. We introduce the liquor that corresponds to it according to the chosen crepes. In this case about 10 ml for each crepe, so if there are three we will use 30 ml.
  6. We continue cooking for 30 seconds and light the flame directly on it.

We remove from the fire and serve on a plate with a little vanilla ice cream, or whatever you like best.

You can see all the step by step photos of the Suzette crepes recipe   in this album. Do not lose detail and they will be perfect.

Tips for some Suzette pancake crepes

  • When it comes to turning the pancake the best (in my case, it is a fork). If the fork is not good you can use the trick of turning the pancake with a plate as if it were a potato omelette. As you start taking practice, it will no longer be necessary.
  • What liquor should we use to flambé the pancakes? As I mentioned in the recipe I have used Red Grand Marnier, but you can also use Cointreau, Aged Rum, Cognac or Brandy. I leave it to your choice.
  • Remember that flambing is not nonsense. The safest way to flambé is to do so with the cooker hood turned off. I repeat again…. remember to turn it off .

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