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Dead beans or Favi dei mortu

Dead beans or Favi dei mortu


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • € 0.3 / person
  • 228kcal per 100g.

How to prepare dead beans or Favi dei mortu . In late October and early November, for All Saints’ Day , it is typical in Italy to prepare a sweet recipe that is not lacking on the tables of many regions, favi dei mortu or broad beans.

Although depending on the area of ​​Italy in which we are, these pastes will have slight differences in texture. Being able to find them in Sicily covered with chocolate, and different to name, beans, bones or grains.  It is a very traditional dessert throughout the country and with very ancient origins.

Today I bring you the own Roman recipe where they are called broad beans, favi . According to Roman tradition, beans or beans contain the souls of the deceased. So putting this candy on the table meant being accompanied by their dead. The basic ingredients of these cookies are almond, sugar and flour.

If we change regions, we can find some favi dei mortu, enriched with other nuts. For example pine nuts or hazelnuts or even without adding any type of fat. In any of its versions these pastries are a very simple sweet to prepare that slightly resembles marzipan . Perfect to accompany a coffee or dinner at any time of the year.

Preparation of dead beans

  1. In a cup, beat the egg with the Amaretto liqueur. Melt the butter, let it warm and add the beaten egg. Mix well and reserve.
  2. In a bowl we mix all the solid ingredients. We start with the flour, the ground almonds, the lemon zest, the sugar and finally the pinch of salt.
  3. Add the egg with butter and, with the help of a fork, mix well. Lightly knead the ingredients until you get a homogeneous and compact ball.
  4. We take small portions of about 15 gr. each and we shape it. We are placing the cookies on a baking sheet without the need to place non-stick paper or grease the tray.
  5. With the oven previously heated to 180ºC, with heat above and below and without the option of a fan.
  6. Bake the pasta for about 15 minutes, until we see that they begin to brown.

We let them cool on a rack before enjoying them. These are small bites perfect for any time of the day, a whim of yummy.

Let yourself be seduced by these dates donuts are sweet or salty like cod , the  donuts double chocolate   or fill   with your favorite filling. A sweet touch to such a traditional day.

You will find lots of ideas in the sweetest “ All Saints Day ” special . You can see all the step by step photos of these dead beans in this album.

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