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How to make a Steak Tartar

How to make a Steak Tartar


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 5 / person
  • 250kcal per 100g.

How to make a steak tartar . Surely you already know this meat recipe , it is in fashion.

You will find steak tartares of all types and ways, in almost all restaurants they have it on the menu. Although many times they are too ornate for my taste. I recommend this recipe in the style of one of the best chef in the world, Joan Roca .

In the course I attended at Kitchen Club, he prepared the one he has at his restaurant, a slightly complicated recipe for Steak Tartar . Here I leave you with the base of your recipe, without decorations, just with a little toasted bread to fully enjoy this wonder, a pleasure for meat lovers.

The beef tartare, steak tartare or steak tartare has become popular to levels not seen. This dish is prepared from raw minced and seasoned meat. And it is considered a delicatessen, but in order for it to be delicious, you must follow the advice we give you in this post.

It will be perfect, I assure you, you just have to have a little patience when cutting the meat and buy a good quality beef sirloin . If you like this type of meat cut to accompany your dishes, you can find a lot of sirloin recipes that are sure to succeed at home, you can impress your guests at home.

The dish is simple and very elegant. It is a meat, obviously raw, seasoned with touches of caper, pickles, onion, mustard, tabasco, Lea Perrins sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

In the mouth, it should leave a creamy and smooth sensation, but without becoming pasty. I leave you with this cool recipe to which I have included a video with a luxury assistant, Clara from Master Chef , which you are sure to do at home several times, you will tell me.

Preparation of the Steak Tartar

  1. It is very important when preparing this recipe that the sirloin is of a high quality.
  2. Do not save with this theme because it depends on it being a 10 point recipe. We chop the meat of the beef sirloin very well with a knife that cuts well, season and reserve.
  3. It should be in very small pieces but that can be seen, that it does not become pureed meat.
  4. Then chop the white onion, red onion or a shallot (also valid), capers and pickled gherkins.
  5. We mix them with the minced meat also adding a little mustard mayonnaise (1/2 Dijon mustard and 1/2 mayonnaise), tabasco, Lea Perrins sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  6. It is convenient to leave this dish to rest in the fridge for about 15 minutes so that the ingredients marinate the meat well.

So far we have the Steak Tartar , almost classic but you are dying, the fewer decorations it takes the better.

Presentation and tips for a delicious Steak Tartar

  1. We must marinate the mixture between 5 and 8 minutes. This is the optimal time in which the meat has to rest with the dressing that we have prepared before serving.
  2. We assemble a rectangle with the tartar in the center of the plate. Although in most restaurants I have been able to try it, it comes in a plated dish with an egg yolk in the middle.
  3. The meat must be shiny, smooth and of course, seasoned with the ingredients that I recommend in the recipe.
  4. The steak tartar is usually served on toast and in many restaurants it is usually accompanied with souflé potatoes.
  5. In Budapest I have tried it with toasted bread rubbed lightly with garlic and the bread very warm. I assure you that it is a success.
  6. In restaurants they usually serve it in portions of about 200 gr. approximately. It is an acceptable size, even to share with your partner. A starter or even, first to eat like a king or queen.
  7. Important not to mask the meat, I recommend that you stick to the dressings recommended by Joan Roca.
  8. Nothing to accompany a good meat with abundant tabasco, ketchup, egg yolks, brandy and others that do nothing but spoil the recipe. You can follow the version of the great Paco González Sarria that he prepared for our series “Cocinando de Rechupete”. A great story by the artist Carlos Urbán.

Steak Tartar Origin and History

  • The origin of steak tartar is located in the steppes of Central Asia.
  • Back in the 13th century the Tatars had pieces of meat and to bleed them to pieces they cut them into pieces and put them under the horse’s saddle. In such a way that it softened after a few hours.
  • Although it seems to me that it has part of legend and it is not at all like the way we currently consume it.
  • It appears in the 1938 Larousse Gastronómico, by the cook and writer Prosper Montagné. Although Jules Verne had already quoted it in his novel Miguel Strogoff (1876).
  • The dish we know today was surely invented in the refined kitchens of 19th century Europe.

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