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Homemade chocolate ice cream

Homemade chocolate ice cream


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.5 / person
  • 305kcal per 100g.

How to make a chocolate ice cream .

This summer in Galicia I have come across super curious ice cream recipes albariño ice cream, coffee liqueur or heather honey , indigenous flavors in a cone.

I have not tried them and I am sure they will be very good, but they will never overtake number one, the most requested and that everyone is passionate about,  chocolate ice cream . What do you agree with?

Although you will find a lot of frozen options on the blog. From the delicious  vanilla ice cream , the classic  hazelnut ice cream or the one you like the most at home, the nougat ice cream .

This ice cream could not be missing among all that I am presenting to you this summer, a dessert that you will surely succumb to, a pleasure that activates our endorphins with only the aroma of cocoa.

The positive effects of this ice cream thanks to its high cocoa content have been demonstrated in many studies.

It improves our mood by causing the release of  endorphins that reduce stress levels and provide a feeling of pleasure and well-being.

It stimulates brain activity, is rich in antioxidants, fighting cell aging and gives us energy from the combination of sugar and magnesium it contains.

On the blog you can find a lot of ideas to make your ice creams, you have something for everyone. AND

I hope you don’t eat all this ice cream in one sitting, better a glass with two scoops of ice cream, which I assure you will make you a little bit happier.

Taste it little by little, tablespoon by tablespoon, an  ice cream with 70% cocoa  of intense flavor, for a special moment. 

Ice cream base. The chocolate

This ice cream can be made with or without a refrigerator, the difference is minimal because the fat base of cocoa butter and dairy makes it easy to prepare. I explain how to do it in both ways.

  1. First we separate half of one of the tablets and chop it into small pieces in the mincer.
  2. These pieces are the best that we are going to find, small particles of our favorite chocolate in our homemade ice cream.
  3. We reserve for the end of the preparation.

Ice cream base. The cream

  1. We add the liquid cream, the whole milk, the condensed milk to a saucepan and heat until tempered.
  2. We separate the eggs, it is best to crack the egg with more care than normal. Exactly through the center to make an opening between the two halves in which the thumb fits. We can help ourselves with a knife.
  3. We hold the egg in a bowl and with the wider end down, carefully lift the smaller half of the shell.
  4. Part of the white will fall into the bowl, while the yolk will remain in the larger half of the shell.
  5. Carefully slide the yolk towards the small piece of the shell and then again towards the large one so that the rest of the white falls into the bowl.
  6. And from there to another bowl with the rest of the yolks that we have separated. It’s easy, after doing it several times the practice will make it super easy.
  7. We beat the yolks manually with rods or a simple fork until it stays like a cream.
  8. We add the yolks to the cream, also the tablespoon of vanilla essence, the chocolate in pieces and the cocoa powder.
  9. We stir until the chocolate melts, once it is dissolved we beat everything very well until the ingredients are well integrated.
  10. Let it simmer for a few minutes and keep stirring until it thickens a little (it should not boil or it will cut).
  11. Let the chocolate cream cool completely before putting it in a container or tupper.
  12. We put all the mixture in the fridge. We must leave it there at least  three hours  before we start working with it.

Preparation of chocolate ice cream

  1. If we make the ice cream with a refrigerator we have to leave the cream for several hours in the fridge and then we can keep it.
  2. Butter  is the process by which the texture of the ice cream changes from liquid to solid or semi-solid by means of stirring and cold.
  3. The objective is to convert the cream that we have into a kind of butter where we must break the ice crystals through movement. Introducing air into the mix (by fridge or manual shake) is the most important step to achieve a  creamy ice cream .

Preparation by hand. Butter

Manually:  When we make the ice cream without a fridge, my recommendation is to have the cream in the fridge for about three hours and then put it in the freezer for another hour of rest.

  1. Finally we will spend another two and a half hours stirring the ice cream in the freezer every so often to break the crystallization.
  2. To remove it we take it out and transfer the cream to a metal bowl that we have previously had in the fridge, it has to be very cold.
  3. We beat with some rods to avoid the formation of the crystals, since however much fat the ice cream base has, they can form.
  4. During the first hour I recommend doing it every ten minutes, then every thirty minutes, and so on about three times.
  5. At the end of everything, add the chopped chocolate pieces and then leave it in the freezer until the next day.

Preparation with refrigerator. Butter

With refrigerator. This method is much easier, we take the cream from the fridge and go to the refrigerator that we will have had in the freezer for 24 hours and that will beat the cream with the spatula constantly (thus air enters the mixture, with which the crystals are smaller and the mixture is lighter).

  1. The process will take about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the quality of the refrigerator.
  2. Once we see that the cream begins to butter we add the chopped chocolate chips that we have reserved to create delicious stumbles in the ice cream.
  3. If we see that it takes to keep the trick, keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes.
  4. We return to put in the freezer everything (goblet with ice cream) another half an hour, and repeat the process again.

Final presentation of chocolate ice cream

  1. Once we have the butter mixture, we just have to put it in a tupper and freeze until the next day.
  2. We take out of the freezer a few minutes before consuming it.
  3. We put about two scoops of ice cream in each glass and we can decorate with some chocolate noodles, chocolate powder or warm chocolate cream.

And here we have one of the best chocolate ice creams I have ever tried, and I assure you there are a few. 100% yummy.

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