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Jijona nougat fried milk

Jijona nougat fried milk


  • Half
  • 30 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 321kcal per 100g.

How to prepare fried milk with nougat .

In these dates the nougat of Jijona is one of the main protagonists.

Every year I propose a special dessert to surprise your guests, this year’s is a tuning of the famous fried milk  that you can have prepared before to avoid last minute burdens.

And, in addition to enjoying the Jijona / Xixona nougat in its traditional format, we can also make delicious desserts with it.

From creams custard , mousses, biscuits cakes , puddings, puddings,  ice cream … an ingredient that gives a lot of play and will enrich any dessert we make without a doubt.

Following this line, here is a nod to a traditional dessert throughout Spain, a very Christmas recipe such as Jijona’s fried nougat milk .

In Galicia it is practically obligatory to have several desserts in celebration meals.

There is very typical caramelized fried milk throughout the year, so this recipe is great for menus this coming Christmas.

Preparation of fried nougat milk

  1. We separate a little milk (150 ml) in a cup, and put the rest to heat over medium heat in a saucepan.
  2. When it gets hot, add the Jijona nougat in cubes of about 2 cm.
  3. With the heat the nougat will gradually dissolve and mix with the milk. We can speed up the process a little with the help of a fork, crushing the pieces of nougat so that it disintegrates more easily.
  4. While the mixture is heating, we take the opportunity to work with the rest of the ingredients.
  5. In the milk that we had reserved we melt the cornstarch, helping with a fork or rods so that it integrates well with the milk and that there are no lumps. If necessary, we tap it with the mixer.
  6. We separate the yolks from the whites. In a bowl we beat the yolks and gradually incorporate the sugar, at the same time that we beat with some rods always in the same direction.
  7. Now we add the milk and cornstarch mixture little by little, while we are stirring with the rods taking care that there are no lumps. We want it to be a homogeneous mixture. We reserve.
  8. We return now with the casserole. We verified that the nougat has completely disintegrated and now the milk has acquired the color of the nougat.
  9. If we see a piece that has resisted, we can give it a touch of a mixer at low speed.
  10. When the nougat milk begins to boil, remove from the heat.
  11. Gradually add the mixture to the bowl and stir (in the same direction) with some rods.
  12. To avoid burning us, we must not stop moving.
  13. We will check how it thickens reaching the proper texture, like a thick béchamel .

Fried nougat milk form

  1. When it has thickened we choose a flat tray with a little height, about 4 cm, where we will spread the fried milk mass.
  2. Normally it will not be necessary but if you prefer, you can spread the source with some butter.
  3. Ideally, we should have a height of 1 cm of dough, more or less like a finger.
  4. This mixture needs its cold time to take shape and become solid, so it is best to prepare it the day before consumption.
  5. If you are stuck for time, I recommend at least 4 hours of rest in the refrigerator.
  6. We reserve it covered with a transparent film to prevent the surface from drying and crusting.
  7. Once the dough is cold and compact it will be ready for the final point: the batter.

Battering, frying and final presentation of fried milk

  1. We pour about 100 g. of flour in a plate and in another we beat 3 eggs.
  2. We cut the dough into rectangles of size to our liking, between 3 and 5 cm on each side. We can make them square, rectangular or even cube-shaped.
  3. We pass first through flour, then through the egg and fry in very hot oil (without smoking) on ​​both sides.
  4. It is better to fry a few portions at a time so as not to lower the temperature of the oil.
  5. Also so that some pieces do not stick together. When they are golden, remove and reserve on absorbent paper, thus releasing the excess oil.
  6. Before serving at the table, we make a mixture with sugar (white or brown) and cinnamon powder.
  7. Sprinkle over the fried milk and to the table.

A very Christmas dessert and that I assure you will triumph in your menus for these dates!

Tips for a fried milk with yummy nougat

  • Its preparation is similar to the traditional recipe, although when incorporating the Jijona nougat, the amounts vary a little.
  • The nougat is found in stores and supermarkets from November to the end of January, but this is not an impediment to enjoy it during the rest of the year.
  • We can freeze it without problem, it will be enough to wrap it directly with transparent film. At home we usually freeze the entire tablet or in two halves.
  • We can also freeze fried milk before frying. We cut it into rectangles, lightly pass it through flour and then freeze it wrapped in film, so we will have it available for when we feel like it.
  • Once thawed, we go through flour, egg and ready to fry again, a very practical dessert!

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