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Toast with eels, octopus and prawns

Toast with eels, octopus and prawns


  • Half
  • 25 minutes
  • For 5 people
  • 2.35 € / person

How to prepare a toast of gulas, octopus and prawns. I have recently been making toast, they will be the first to upload to the blog but not the last. In this case with a sea flavor: octopus, prawns and gulas , I think the combination was very liked. The tapas are the most traditional in Spain and are usually prepared with a slice of toasted village bread covered or filled with a wide variety of ingredients.

We can find them with olive oil and garlic, with paté, with butter, with striped tomato and olive oil (known as “pa amb tomàquet” in Catalonia or “pa amb oli” in Mallorca), with ham and tomato, with cheese, with oil and jam or honey, etc. The ones I present today are with a tomato and caramelized onion base that I tried one day in a restaurant in Denia. I add the mariñeiro flavor with the gulas, the octopus and the prawns, perfect right? It is simple, fast and very appropriate for a dinner with friends or any self-respecting celebration.

Preparation of toasts with octopus

  1. “The secret of taste … simply quality” A toast that will delight anyone who likes seafood, I also assure you that it will be perfect with all the secrets to cook the octopus  and that it is cooked . The first thing to do is the octopus, we have 2 options: either we buy octopus and prepare it as the octopus à feira that I already explained to you or if you have little time you can buy a container of cooked octopus. In this case I have decided on a container with cooked octopus legs to be able to cut it to my liking.
  1. We cut the legs of the octopus into 1 cm thick pieces with kitchen scissors. We reserve.
  2. We wash the tomatoes and cut into thin slices. We reserve on a plate.
  3. Prepare the lightly caramelized onion with a little honey. We have to peel them and cut them into very thin slices. In a saucepan add a little olive oil and always over low heat introduce all the onion. When we see that it begins to release water, we raise the temperature a little so that it browns. We lower the heat and season with salt and pepper, stir with a wooden spoon for about 5 minutes and add 1 large tablespoon of honey. We remove to caramelize and when we see that the honey is sticking to the onion we remove to a plate.
  4. Our next step is gluttony and prawns. Chop the garlic cloves into very small pieces. Add a good oil to the casserole and fry the garlic over low heat for 1 minute. We introduce the gulas and the prawns to the casserole. We stir everything gently to mix the flavors for about 2 minutes, add a pinch of ground cayenne to give the dish a spicy taste. We add salt and pepper.
  5. We wash the mushrooms well and in the same casserole where we have made the onion and the eels we add a little olive oil. Sauté the mushrooms until they no longer release water and add a little salt. We remove and add a splash of brandy. We let it reduce and strain.
  6. In the mushroom casserole we add the octopus and the gulas with the prawns. We reserve for final assembly.
  7. Now that we have all the ingredients for the toast prepared and ready to assemble, let’s go for the bread.
  8. We open the ciabatta buns in the middle, spread with a little butter and lightly toast in the pan. At the same time we are heating all the ingredients in the micro so that the toast comes out very hot. We place on the bread a slice of tomato, then the onion and finally the scrambled eggs of the gulas, octopus, prawns and mushrooms.
  9. We present these toasts on a nice plate and garnish with a light touch of a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena.

These toasts must be served immediately and very hot, the latter is important. I hope you like them. Bo provided!

I encourage you to visit more recipes for  delicious tapas, snacks and pinchos for an unforgettable evening with yours. Perfect for a light dinner, a party or, yes, a delicious way to share food with friends and the people you love.

You can already prepare a lot of recipes with octopus, from the classic Galician octopus , an original  baked octopus , as they do in Mugardos, to Mugardesa (in the form of a stew), to Sochantre , candied (one of the recipes Picasso’s favorites), in tempura, accompanying a rice or risotto … or as in this case, grilled. Use the heads to make croquettes , lots of ideas to enjoy that delicacy.

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