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Frikadelas or Frikadellen. Danish burgers

Frikadelas or Frikadellen. Danish burgers


  • Half
  • 90 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.8 € / person

Several years ago I surprised you with a Danish recipe that my friend Christian gave me, Danish frikadelas . But until a month ago I didn’t try the famous Danish burgers made by his mother Consuelo, I tell you they were impressive. Today’s recipe is the traditional Danish recipe in the Andersen family style, which has been passed from his grandmother to his mother and from his mother to him. The best way to cook is with the grandmother’s recipe, so here you have, Danish frikadelas or Frikadeller.

Consuelo received us in the kitchen of her house, which is how I like to enter a house, and she let me see the preparation of the recipe step by step. From her I learned a lot of Danish cooking tricks and wonderful customs of this country. Married to a Danish, Kurt Andersen, she learned to cook these Danish recipes from her mother-in-law.

The “frikadeller” Danish meatballs are eaten accompanied by boiled potatoes, cooked cabbage and sour “brun sovs” a brown sauce prepared from meat juice and water in which they boiled potatoes. These flat dumplings are popular in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. ” Frikadeller ” is also a popular choice at lunch buffet Danish and can be served cold, thinly sliced as a basis for open face sandwiches on rye bread.

Consuelo explained to us that it is a bit difficult to get some ingredients, such as the Danish Kulør , but you can substitute it for Jugo Maggi, to give flavor and obtain the characteristic color of brown sauce. Today I have slightly modified the garnish that the Danes usually use and I have put some rosemary potatoes cooked and passed through butter with a touch of rosemary, although you can accompany them with mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes . I assure you that the smallest of the house will like these Frikadellen very much, they are very juicy and tender, it will be a different and wonderful way of eating meat. Dare to get closer to the traditions of other countries. Today we cook of Danish origin. Enjoy it!

Preparation of the Danish Frikadeller

  1. Prepare the meatballs: In a large bowl, mix the meat and season with salt and pepper. Chop the onion into very small pieces and add it to the meat, mixing until it is perfectly integrated. Add the egg and mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
  2. We soak the sliced ​​bread in the milk and add it to the previous mixture, mixing everything very well with the meat.
  3. We form the meat balls, not too big, and crush them slightly by hand, so that they are not too round.
  4. We fry them with plenty of olive oil. We reserve on a plate to drain the oil well.
  5. We prepare the brown sauce: It cooks like a bechamel.
  6. We use some meat scoops to make the meat broth with which we will cook the bechamel. In a saucepan, with 600ml of water, add the saucepan of meat stock and let it melt. Let cool and reserve.
  7. In a large frying pan, put the butter and let it melt. Then add the flour and mix well. Little by little we are adding the meat stock without stopping stirring to avoid lumps. When the bechamel is ready, we add a little Danish Kulør or you can use Juice Maggi. We will add a small amount (a tablespoon of dessert or less) and stir; thus until achieving the brown color that characterizes this sauce. We reserve
  8. We prepare the potatoes with rosemary: In a saucepan with hot water we put the potatoes without peeling to cook. We leave them until when you prick them with a knife it enters without difficulty. We let them cool and remove the skin.
  9. Chop the potatoes into cubes. In a frying pan we put the butter and let it melt.
  10. Then add the potatoes to the pan and add a little salt. We let them cook over medium heat, add the rosemary and let the potatoes finish cooking, until the edges are lightly browned. We remove the potatoes. We serve everything very hot, the meat frikadelas drizzled with the brown sauce and accompanied by the rosemary potatoes.

There are several recipes to make frikadellen, although in general they all coincide in using a mixture of veal and egg, you can even add a mixture of spices to your liking. Once formed, they can be fried or cooked in the oven on the grill. Great even with a little mustard or fried tomato.

And like all traditional recipes, there are many recipes to prepare these Frikadellen, almost as many as households, since in each house they give it their personal touch. What are you waiting for to give your house a Danish touch?

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album.  

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