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3 years ago in one of those conversations that we have Pam from time to time, no less than 1 hour … I asked Pamela, and when is your book ? With a sigh, she said to me, ” Alfonso, I would like to, but we can’t find someone to do it well … ” so for her, it has been and is the culmination of these years of work.

When they blew me from the publishing house that was going to go to the market, I was very happy. I imagine that they could have their book on the market a long time ago, but Pam and Joseba wanted to control the book from minute zero and that is very complicated and laborious, a lot of work and you need those behind you to fully support you. I can speak knowingly that Larousse is like a great family, very human and that they allow themselves to be counseled, that’s why we continue betting on them and I am sure that Pam will do her second book with them :-), how about one of our land?

Desserts and other sweets As always I am going by the branches and you are here to read about one of the most sophisticated dessert books in the Spanish publishing world, and that is to say I assure you a lot. A recipe book that will lead you directly to the kitchen and that will not leave indifferent the most larpeiros (sweet tooth), it is about Desserts and other sweets.  An easy-to-follow book with clear explanations, some of the recipes are accompanied by step-by-step photographs. A reflection of the good work that you can also see on her blog.

Pamela is one of the bloggers that I started to follow when I started in the world of blogging, this Galician companion has a gift to reflect her recipes in her photos, she carefully takes care of the presentation and goes on to explain a step by step that if It doesn’t come out because you did something wrong.

He loves sweets and they are reflected in his blog, One of two  since 2009 and in the book I am talking about today. Let’s not forget Joseba, his partner, who is one of the important pieces of this team with the make-up and correction, very important for this high-quality book … and a great help so that he eats part of what Pam prepares (important I assure you), Jimena understands it perfectly.

A cookbook made by a blogger, which is a sign that the recipes will come out yes or yes, real and without cheating or cardboard. We are facing an elegant book, with a rustic air, it has a hard cover and good paper, attractive photographs of the presentations and some ‘step by step’ of the most complex elaborations and well-explained recipes.

I will assure you, 75 recipes in more than 250 pages, and at an affordable price. You will see a little of everything, seven chapters, ‘I am a white belt’, with easy recipes for everyone, ‘From boat to boat’, also simple recipes but to present in jars or jars, ‘For love of freezing’,.

Desserts and other sweets

  • Author: Pamela Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • Number of Pages: 256 – Hardcover Binding.
  • Price € 15 for nothing.
  • Publisher: Larousse. Edition: edition (May 14, 2015).
  • ISBN: 978-8416124923
  • Edition: Spanish – Collection: Larousse – Illustrated / Practical Books – Gastronomy.

Where to buy the book?

You have it from May 14 in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon , El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac, …

Anyway, in this book we are going to enjoy the essence of Pam and she invites her to put on her apron and enter the kitchen. The book can be found in all the bookstores in the country by Larousse. If you like sweets and buns, be sure to take a look at this piece of book that Pam brings us from the editorial Larousse. Totally recommended. I hope you really like Desserts and other Sweet Shops!

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