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Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich


  • Easy
  • 10 minutes
  • For 1 people
  • € 1 / person
  • 310kcal per 100g.

How to make a Cuban sandwich.

Today I bring you a movie recipe, the Cuban sandwich . When I tell you that this sandwich is from a movie, I say it for two reasons.

On the one hand it is one of the sandwich recipes that are prepared.

For the enjoyment of the audience, in the movie The Chef (2014). Where the protagonist prepares his son as proof for his food truck business . The other reason is simply because it is a snack that could not be more good.

This sandwich gets its name from the island where it was invented. In Cuba it has been on the menus of restaurants and cafes for more than 200 years.

But it was the Cuban community in the United States that popularized this sandwich for the world. It is one of the specialties of Miami and Tampa, in Florida.

The Cuban sandwich is made with Cuban bread, which I do not know very well how it will be but a rich loaf of artisan bread may be worth us. The bread is stuffed with roast pork , york ham, pickled gherkins, cheese and mustard.

All of them end up cooking on a grill or sandwich maker. The heat will make the ingredients compact and their juices mix, resulting in a crispy crust and one of those snacks you can’t stop eating.

The original recipe uses roast pork, roast pork , cooking a loin of pork previously marinated in a special sauce in the oven. On the blog you can find the recipe to prepare the perfect roasted pork.

Perfect to take as a side dish or to make a perfect Cuban sandwich . If you can’t wait to prepare this sandwich, you can substitute the roast pork for a lacón or a roasted ham . The result will be equally first.

Preparation of the Cuban sandwich

  1. In a frying pan we heat a nut of butter. When it has melted and is hot we add the roasted pork, roast pork.
  2. We brown on both sides and reserve. I have used roast pork for this recipe, but if you do not have homemade roast pork.
  3. We can replace it with roasted ham that we will find on any large surface.
  4. Making this sandwich with roast pork gives it an unbeatable point. If you do not have it, do not stop preparing it, we change it for another type of pork cold meat without problem.
  5. We break the loaf of bread in half and spread a generous layer of mustard on one side.
  6. Now we start with the roasted pork slices that we brown in the pan.
  7. Always directly on the mustard, on top we cover it with the ham, the pickled gherkins and the sliced ​​Swiss cheese.
  8. We place the top layer of the bread and with a kitchen brush we spread it on the outside, on both sides with butter.
  9. We put the sandwich in a sandwich maker and toast them until golden.
  10. If you don’t have a sandwich maker we can use a frying pan. With a slotted spoon we keep the sandwich pressed at all times so that it remains flat and the cheese melts.

Thus, in a few minutes we can enjoy a sandwich with name and surname that could not be more good.

Perfect to take to work or to enjoy a picnic or beach snack. A simple and tasty treat.

Follow the step by step of this Cuban sandwich recipe  in the next album.

Our recommendations in the form of a sandwich

A proposal that is perfect for a quick, tasty and luxurious dinner. If you have some left over from the roasted pork, you can eat it in thin slices.

  • As if it were roast beef as a cover with a little sauce, a little mojo picón is not even painted. You will hallucinate in colors.
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