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Fabiola biscuit cake

Fabiola biscuit cake


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.45 € / person
  • 455kcal per 100g.

The Fabiola tart or cookie cake is a classic for children’s birthday parties and family celebrations.

On the blog you will find several dessert recipes based on this sweet.

In the birthday of my childhood (even now also, since we already return to the birthday with children) this cake was always present.

Although, to tell the truth, my mother never prepared it, but I was very lucky to enjoy it at parties with many friends.

It is a very easy cake to make. The ingredients it carries are few, basic and cheap.

It does not need baking or any other type of cooking. It is prepared very quickly and it is delicious. They are all advantages, so many that it makes you want to do it every week.

The flavor of the cake can be adjusted to suit each person’s taste and add other ingredients to the butter cream that makes the filling. Crushed nuts, for example, or the grated zest of a lime will add grated coconut. It’s all a matter of trying different combinations and coming up with the formula that works best for you.

To those of you who are not too fond of coconut we will tell you that its flavor is very subtle and that the “crunch” it provides is unmatched, therefore we recommend that you cheer up with the recipe as we tell you here. At least the first time. Then, if you feel like trying new flavors, you can experiment with other flavors.

Preparation of the Fabiola tart base cream

  1. We separate the yolks from the whites and reserve the latter to make a meringue with which to decorate the cake.
  2. In a deep and wide container we mix the yolks with the sugar.
  3. We beat with the help of electric rods or kitchen robot until whitened and doubled in volume.
  4. Add 10 g of butter, which must be at room temperature, and continue beating until incorporated and obtain a homogeneous cream.
  5. Next we add the grated coconut and mix with a tongue gently, with enveloping movements from bottom to top (so as not to lose the air incorporated with the smoothie).
  6. We cover a wooden board or plant platter with aluminum foil on which to mount the cake and pour the sweet white wine into a deep plate.

Assembling the Fabiola tart or biscuit tart

  1. We dip the cookies, one by one and on both sides, in the wine and place them on the aluminum foil in rows and columns of 3 x 3 units.
  2. The cookie layer must have 9 cookies, well together and without leaving spaces between them. We spread a layer of the butter cream over the entire surface.
  3. On the butter cream layer we place another layer of biscuit, submerging each one in the wine, and repeat the operation until obtaining five layers of each one.
  4. We finish with a layer of butter cream with which we also cover the sides.
  5. We put in the refrigerator and let stand 30 minutes so that it takes consistency and body before decorating.

Decoration and presentation of the biscuit cake

  1. Meanwhile, in a frying pan, toast the rolled almonds. We do it over medium heat and stirring gently from time to time so that it does not burn.
  2. When it begins to take color, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool before using it to decorate the cake.
  3. On the other hand, in a deep, clean and very dry container we prepare a meringue. For this we mount the clearings to the point of snow as you can see in the video above.
  4. We use electric rods or a kitchen robot to facilitate the task.
  5. When they begin to take consistency add the icing sugar and continue beating until they are so firm that, when the container is overturned, they do not move.
  6. We cover the sides of the cake with the toasted rolled almonds, pressing gently with the palm of your hand so that they adhere well to the cake.
  7. We spread the meringue over the entire surface and sprinkle with a little icing sugar, using a strainer.
  8. We toast to the surface with a blowtorch or putting the cake in the oven under the grill for a few minutes, taking care to pass and burn the meringue.

Be sure to enjoy all the yummy sweets in our dessert recipes . You can see all the step by step photos of the cookie cake recipe  in this album.

Tips for a Fabiola tart of tart

  • The amount of wine in this cake is so small that even the smallest can drink it. However, if you think they are not going to like the taste, you can change the wine for milk.
  • When you wet the cookies, do it quickly so they don’t soften too much. If you go too far they will break. There is no need to soak, just moisten.
  • Be careful when spreading the butter cream on the cookie layers. Especially if they are too wet, as they are fragile and can break easily. Keep the butter cream slightly warm to make it easier to handle.
  • Buttercream can be flavored with other ingredients. I encourage you to try lime zest, lemon zest, crushed nuts, cocoa powder and many more. To taste.

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