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Crespells. Easter cookies

Crespells. Easter cookies


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • € 0.3 / person
  • 490kcal per 100g.

How to make crespells .

In the Balearic Islands and specifically, Mallorca, there is a sweet recipe that, although it can be found throughout the year, is at Easter where it is not lacking, both in the houses and in the windows of confectioneries and patisseries.

We refer to crespells, sweet pastries that, together with rubiols and empanadas , are the most traditional thing on the Balearic Island at Easter.

The crespells are considered safardí origin despite having among its ingredients pork lard, element forbidden for this culture. Surely thanks to the Christianization of the recipe, the crespells came to our days with this ingredient.

Currently they are made from flour, butter, olive oil, yolk, sugar and lemon. Although one of its traditional forms is that of the Jewish-Muslim star, it is usually given various forms, hearts, stars, and almost anything.

As a main feature these pastes are made without any type of leavener and without prior rest.

The dough is baked once made and the result is a slightly flaky cookie, with a lot of flavor and very easy to prepare.

Preparation of the Majorcan crespells

  1. In a bowl mix the sugar, the lard, the olive oil, the lemon zest, the two egg yolks and the orange juice.
  2. We beat well until we get a uniform cream. It is essential that the lard is at room temperature to be able to work it.
  3. We incorporate the flour and, with the help of a fork, we begin to mix all the ingredients. We finish kneading the dough with our hands until we get a uniform, manageable ball that should not stick to our hands.
  4. On a work surface, sprinkle a little flour. With a rolling pin we stretch the dough and make the crespells with the chosen cutters.
  5. We preheat the oven to 180º C for 10 minutes before baking.
  6. We place the crespells on a baking sheet. We bake our pasta at 180º C for about 25 minutes. Heat up and down.
  7. It is not necessary that we grease the tray or that we place baking paper. Cookies will not stick together during baking.
  8. Once we have the crespells lightly browned around the edges. We remove them from the oven and let them cool on a rack before sprinkling them with icing sugar.
  9. They will keep quite a few days if we are careful to store them in a more or less hermetic place.

Follow the step by step that you will find in the album of this recipe for Mallorcan crespells , they will come out the first time.

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