Eat well and healthy in quarantine. Tips and recipes

Give your body joy in quarantine

During all these days, many and many have given us very useful tips for working from home.

Now we know that we should not work in pajamas (with how warm it is), that the chair is VERY important and the light too, but has anyone told you how to stock up and eat well these days?

From our team we want to make your days shorter, healthier and yummy!

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1- Supply yes, exaggeration NO

We have seen countless photos of full cars and pantries and we have surely experienced the dismantling of the supermarket in first person. In times of panic, those who don’t run fly, but you have to be more empathetic than ever . It is important to limit trips to supermarkets like any other establishment, buy with your head.

If you want bread and it is not left, do not take a gluten-free bread. Do it yourself at home . You will have time to practice and improve.

You can do it with seeds , without kneading, sliced ​​bread if you like more or hamburger bread .

2- Not everything will be rice

Rice is very useful, pasta , preserves, but also legumes , lentils, chickpeas and beans.

You can prepare and freeze, as you normally would, since they are a very complete source of energy that will help you give it your all during these days.

There are also fresh ones that can be given a lot of outlet and that can easily take you a week or two or you can freeze them, such as vacuum-packed pumpkin, which is a very versatile food both for creams and for rice , meat or dessert .

Do not forget to see the expiration date, better that it be a bit long, lest it spoil in a few days … and I think this will last.

3- Take advantage of the frescoes

Tomatoes are not just for salad. You can make sauces when they are very ripe, soups, jams and even gazpachos and salmorejos when we see that the sun and the first days of heat begin to greet us through the window.

Remember that if buying several kilos of tomato goes a long way, they are very versatile. Fresh are good for salad and if you see that they ripen quickly (do not put them in the fridge, which then taste like nothing) because what was said above, salmorejo, even tomato sauce or part of a vegetable ratatouille.

It is time to innovate in the kitchen, to try and to dare. Do it all!

4- Beyond the quarter and half

It is always better to buy a complete piece of chicken and take advantage of all its parts to cook it in different ways and get more out of it. From a counter thigh with soy to a broth made with the bones, a delicious and healthy chicken with pepitoria or, of course, some croquettes! What would life be like without croquettes?

5- Time yes, but space too

Fill your pantry and freezer, but not above your means. That’s why we talk about head sourcing . If you are going to make tuppers to freeze and you have the freezer full, one of two, or you will end up throwing food or overeating. We have to avoid both.

There are many preservation methods beyond the tupper or the film. You can make roasted peppers , roasted vegetables , pickles homemade sauerkraut, kimchi or desserts.

6- Dust your creativity

Think of menus with unique dishes. Side dishes and menus mean more ingredients and less flexibility. So forget about the classic combination plate because you go without time and then the leftovers are not the best to recycle in another plate.

Grilled chicken and salad can be made into a caesar salad , eggs and potatoes into a salad or omelette.

And if you have children at home, it is a great way to fill in spaces for the day, for the little ones cooking is a game and for the grown-ups it is a way to help in this situation and create good vibes.

Ask them what they would like to do, search their favorite blog and get into trouble. There is no better opportunity than this quarantine to be with them, to come out stronger and more united, perhaps the best of this situation.

7- This is a special occasion

Not to receive guests at home and spend long hours in the kitchen, no. This is an even more special occasion, daily and for you. So you should know what you have in the kitchen, know their expiration dates, reinvent dishes and be decisive or decisive.

Did you make some asparagus in the oven and you forgot at the bottom of the drawer? It doesn’t matter, if they are still ok, you can make a cream . And the green part of the leek, why do you throw it away? Did you know that it is great to make a broth?

8- Travel without leaving home

You can make yourself a guacamole or some tacos to the cry of andale without disturbing the neighbor and also vegans . Make a teriyaki chicken with that piece of chicken you bought or a ceviche or poke with that fish you have frozen.

Go to Vietnam without leaving the kitchen with a good broth for pho soup or ramen or become a true pizzaiolo with this recipe for pizz to . Stock up well, many of these ingredients you can have at home and make traditional and original dishes with them.

9- Special spices

Spices (less or more) can dramatically change your dishes. Curry, rosemary, coriander powder, sweet or spicy paprika, cinnamon, anise, tarragon, oregano, cumin … Mix without fear. Trial error in the kitchen is always allowed.

10- Learn things you did not know or improve them

Do you know how to make a béchamel? A vichyssoise ? Some (already mentioned) croquettes ? To peel some artichokes correctly? If you did not know any of these things it is time to learn and if you already knew we recommend, for example, a pizza with cauliflower dough .

If you like cooking, you already have a long way to go, most of the blog’s recipes are made with few ingredients, cheap and that everyone has at home. You can see our instagram , in Stories I am cooking every day, they can give you some idea to do in your kitchen.

11- Eat without defrosting

We have already encouraged you to make your own bread . You can freeze it and eat it every day if you take it out a little earlier, just like you can take it out of the freezer and cook without defrosting a salmon loin or a chorizo.

12- Make a calendar with meals

On the blog you can download our weekly menu for free and fill it with your recipe and meal planning. It is important to have a daily routine and planning to cook (but before knowing what you have in the pantry) these recipes.

In supermarkets there are no shortage problems except in the famous toilet paper, but otherwise, you have everything. If you do not find your favorite brand, there will be another, do not worry.

During this quarantine we have to feel good, wanting to eat and cook new things more than ever.

If you do not like to cook anyway, it is a good time for you to find something you like to do and if you like but do not have time, I know that you will make good use of these tips.

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