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How to make a perfect white rice

How to make a perfect white rice


  • Easy
  • 18 minutes
  • For 2 persons
  • 0.2 € / person
  • 129kcal per 100g.
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How to prepare white rice.

White rice is like with a potato omelette , each one at home prepares it in a different way.

It depends on many variables, the type of water and especially the variety of rice that we use. It is not the same prepare white Basmati rice a pump rice .

It is true that there are many types of rice and ways to prepare it . I have also told you about the most common mistakes when cooking rice .

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But today we are going to stick to the accompanying white rice or garnish. The white rice that accompanies fried eggs or that is later served for a rice salad .

There are two ways to cook it, both valid, it depends a little on how you want the grain to be, if it is a little lumpy or loose.

With either method you will be left with an excellent white rice, with a perfect grain and at its point.

Cook white rice to make it compact

  1. We add two tablespoons of oil for each cup of rice that you are going to use.
  2. Oil is the ingredient that will help the rice not stick.
  3. Heat the casserole and add the oil, as soon as we see that it is hot, add the rice and stir for about a minute at medium temperature to toast the rice.
  4. We pour 2 and a half cups of water for each cup of rice, leave on high heat for 4 minutes until it gets very hot and starts to bubble.
  5. Add salt and then lower over medium heat for about 12 minutes with the casserole lid on.
  6. When we see that there is almost no water and small holes start to appear between the rice grains, we lower the temperature to at least three minutes or simply turn off the heat.
  7. Let it sit with the lid on or with a cotton cloth for about 5 minutes.
  8. While it rests, the rice will absorb the rest of the water and you should be in its place and the grains separated.
  9. We can try the rice at rest to see how it is staying, I like that it is a little hard.

Cook white rice so that it is loose

  1. We wash the amount of rice that we are going to use to remove starch.
  2. We can do it in a large bowl or directly in a strainer, with two or three times is more than enough. 
  3. If we did not wash all the starch that the rice grains have attached, in the cooking (and without roasting the rice), it would have thickened too much and is very sticky.
  4. We put the casserole on the fire. Add the water, rice, salt and oil, all together.
  5. When it starts to boil, leave the rice for about 4 minutes until the water evaporates. 
  6. When we see that there are no water bubbles on the surface of the rice, we lower the heat to 3 temperature, neither to the minimum nor to the medium temperature, and cover the saucepan. We leave it like this for 14 minutes.
  7. It would not need more time because with the washing the grain has already softened slightly, we can always test it to see if it is al dente and if not leave it a couple of minutes more. 
  8. We uncover and taste the rice, it should be almost ready.
  9. We turn off the heat and let stand with the lid on or a cotton cloth for 2 minutes.

Done, you know how to make a perfect white rice.

Tips for a yummy white rice

  • Although it is one of the most basic and easy recipes that exist, if you are starting in this kitchen, you may not have mastered it yet.
  • Many people say ” I have no hand to make rice “, but with the following steps it will be perfect for you, at home we even eat rice like this, as is.
  • The first thing is to choose a decent casserole, since as with the potato omelette, if you use an old frying pan in which everything sticks it is impossible for it to turn out well. 
  • Use a good casserole whose size is according to the amount of rice you prepare.
  • The other important part is the choice of rice, I like round bomb type rice. But if you do not have a big budget you can use a small round grain rice, there are several on the market.
  • You can store this white rice in the fridge overnight.
  • Also if you wash it with a little hot water to release the grains, it will be perfect for a rice salad, a Cuban rice or a lot of recipes that you have on the blog.

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