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When we talk about traditions in our country, Easter certainly occupies a very important place. And of course gastronomy these days is even more so.

Salty recipes like Easter desserts  are the most exclusive of the year, the date of the year with more recipes on and off the internet.

The tradition imposed by the church to ban meat makes dishes with vegetables and fish appear on our menus, as well as different ways to prepare sweets.

I am not very in favor of impositions, although I am a number 1 fan of a good stew of Vigil , of the French toast  and   of the prominence given to cod and lamb at Easter.

I do not forget the desserts, as I taught you a few days ago in the special of desserts and sweets of Easter and Easter, we can find a lot of ideas not only for these dates, some coincide with the proposals of Carnival , All Saints and Christmas.

There is nothing left to think about on vacation and in the next few days we are going to give you ideas for cooking, we will alternate classic dishes with some more creative one, 15 recipes for you to practice the traditions most deeply rooted in our gastronomy during this period of Lent and Easter . Do you already have a special menu in mind?

Stews with vegetables, vegetables, salted and fresh fish, lamb and simple but equally delicious sweets. But if we have an ingredient that takes center stage is cod, its great versatility supports numerous preparations and of course you will see it in this Easter special .

You will have a lot of recipes to cook it and enjoy it in the coming days. A good opportunity to invite children to cook and take advantage of their free time.

Enjoy the best of our cuisine and let them know the history of what they cook, that they do not just stay in the Easter chocolate egg or the Easter cake that your godmother or godfather is going to give you.

Still do not know what to cook this Easter? Don’t miss out on this special and if you want to see the recipes in full, don’t forget to click on the links.

Waking Stew Recipe Waking pottage with chickpeas, spinach and cod

One of the most typical legume stew recipes these days is this chickpea stew , which is accompanied by spinach (seasonal vegetables) and cod . Although for those who have left behind the prohibition on eating meat on Fridays, I leave you with an adaptation of this stew with chorizo  just as good.

Wind Fritters Recipe Fritters

In Spain Easter dessert recipes are one of the best dishes of the year. These small balls of fried dough are a delicacy within everyone’s reach, because although it seems like a difficult recipe, it does not have a great complication and it does not have to be a seasonal sweet, they are great at any date of the year.

Cod omelette recipe Cod omelette

Who does not like a good omelette? Rare is to find someone who does not adore this Spanish delicacy. In addition to the typical potato omelette  or a filled omelette , a multitude of them can be made with the most varied ingredients, and certain fish such as hake or cod also fit here. It is a great recipe for use and that at Easter it triumphs in all the bars and restaurants in Spain.

chickpea and cod salad Chickpea salad with vegetables and cod

Many dishes of our gastronomy are based on a humble ingredient: chickpeas , which were introduced to the Iberian Peninsula by the Carthaginians and are a legume rooted in our gastronomy. We associate them both with a good Galician stew and with Easter recipes.  Although we find a salad, it is perfect for these cool dates, not just for Summer.

Homemade donut recipe Fried donuts

These donuts are made by my mother Rosa , and since I have memories, it is a recipe that was made to complete the tribute of the Magdalena festivities. They are not the fluffy donuts of the Candil , nor the pasta type that they make in Mancha, nor silly or smart as in Madrid, they are the ones that enter the body with a good shot of brown liquor.

Chickpea stew recipe Chickpea and Spinach

This stew is common at Easter because meat must not be eaten on Lent Fridays and cod is usually added. To be honest I like it much more with sausage and blood sausage, but it is incredible in both ways so I leave it to you to choose.

Milk French toast recipe Traditional milk French toast

This is an original, and at the same time traditional, recipe for the most typical sweet at Easter. A dessert that is based on a slice of bread soaked in milk, battered in egg, fried in extra virgin olive oil and flavored to taste with syrup or, in this case, sugar and cinnamon. It is a very simple and very common dessert of these upcoming dates.

Cod meatballs recipe Cod meatballs

A dish made with salted cod and which is typical of various cuisines in southern Spain, Aragon and the Valencian Community. In Andalusia, cod meatballs are common in several provinces, in Cádiz they are usually served with clams, in  Priego (Córdoba) they are usually prepared for Easter, and as they are richer they are in the form of a cover, either with their sauce or for take with the fingers, one by one as if they were pipes.

Pancake recipe Pancake or pancake

The pancake is one of the most typical elaborations of Valencian lands during Easter. Depending on the region in which we find ourselves, it will receive very different names: panou, toña, fogaseta, bonfire, pa socarrat, coc, tonya. It is a type of roscón de pascua or mona de pascua, which is another of the sweets that are traditionally consumed in the region on these dates.

Cod fritter recipe Cod fritters

This recipe is a variation of the one I made with my mother when I was little, I do not know if it is the traditional one or not, but of course it is a lifetime. I remember that during my childhood in the days before Easter, cod was one of the most used ingredients. Perhaps because vigil Fridays were still strictly respected, although if I am honest at home now the tradition has changed.

Pestiños recipe Pestiños with honey

In Lent the streets of Andalusia smell of matalauva, orange blossom and pestiños, that fried dough that everyone collaborates on. Normally the town gathers around a basin where the dough is prepared, forming a chain of people to then fry and finish them. It is not just the result, it is the whole process and what goes with it.

cod a la manchega Cod to the manchega

This recipe increases its popularity in the Castilian-La Mancha Easter . A simple and easy dish, ideal for these vacation days, where we have a little more time to cook. The cod will be juicy, soft and delicious, combining perfectly with the softness of the vegetables and baked vegetables, a bite that takes away the sense.

fried milk Fried milk

It is true that in the north of Spain this dessert is almost a religion and has its most devoted followers. Although her invention surely was to take advantage of the most common ingredients in the kitchen: milk, flour and eggs. In the like torrijas are quite similar to fried milk or cream toast .

Roasted Lamb Recipe Baked Paschal Lamb

It is a very simple recipe that will be perfect for us as long as we comply with certain essential golden rules: choosing a piece of quality meat and patience, since preparation and baking require at least 2 hours of our time. This is how my mother prepares the roast at Easter or for any “special” occasion and parties to keep, I assure you that it is delicious.

Wine French toast French toast with red wine

Who doesn’t like French toast ? And the wine? Well with this recipe you can not fail. Although it is very easy to prepare, I must admit that it will leave the kitchen full of pots. But the good thing about this Easter dessert is that it can be perfectly prepared a couple of days before any celebration and so you avoid rushing to pick up the kitchen the same day of the event in which you are going to serve them.

We could include a lot of recipes, a very complete special, but we will leave a few for next year. While you can check all the recipes for Easter and Easter that we will be publishing these days, all delicious. It is clear that at Easter you have to enter the kitchen and enjoy with your family all these traditional dishes.

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