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Easy appetizers and starters for Christmas

Easy appetizers and starters for Christmas


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 250kcal per 100g.

Starters, appetizers and canapes for Christmas.

When we start to think about planning the Christmas menu, the most overwhelming are the starters or appetizers to start the meal.

Actually, it is the easiest part of the Christmas lunch or dinner , since most of them can be prepared beforehand. And so focus on the most complicated part, the main ones .

There is a way to give color and a good taste in the mouth to start our Christmas food, it is easy to choose between all the ideas and flavor combinations that we offer you in this article.

Suggestions, recommendations and great options to show off with your guests . I am sure that they will help you succeed on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve or Kings, a guaranteed success.

This section of Christmas starters, appetizers and canapés will be expanded month by month so that each year our proposals are even better than the previous year.

It is very simple, you just have to go to our Christmas special and choose the appetizers, the level of difficulty, the money you want to spend and you will get a lot of proposals.

Here is a short summary.

We start with the puff pastry world

Canapes made with puff pastry previously

In this case, my maxim is to try as little as possible and leave everything prepared in advance so that we can enjoy all of us. A lot. I present you a selection of 5 types or assortment of puff pastries whose fillings I can make in advance and which, once assembled, will bake in one fell swoop.

I present four options or starter ideas presented in filled puff pastry volovans . They are light combinations that will not make us lose our appetite to enjoy the rest of the meal, but that will make us enjoy some delicious bites.

Special Christmas snacks for children

Thinking of the little ones at home, I present ideas and suggestions to prepare with them, appetizer recipes and fun, original and tasty starters for children at Christmas.

Spreads creams to dipe and not stop

The advantage of these creams or pates is that they can be ready beforehand, just take them out of the fridge and onto the table. Even prepare them days before (they hold perfect in the fridge) or freeze. They can be defrosted the night before in the fridge and ready to eat. They are all cold or warm creams.

The easiest appetizers to prepare, simple to rage , that you just have to beat and ready … that everyone also likes, the creams for dipe. Lebanese, Arab, very Mediterranean creams, some with a spicy touch, from Mexico or a classic, my sister Nuri’s mussel pate.

How do pâté mussels . A recipe that is possibly “the best appetizer in the world”, and I say this because it is a dish that is prepared in 5 minutes, it is cheap, there is no need to cook and it is delicious.

Salmon pate . If you fancy an easy and quick appetizer, nothing better than this salmon pate. You don’t have to be a chef to make it, but the result is great

How to make tapenade or olive . Perfect for spreading on toast or as a base for a good sandwich or as a condiment for salads, fish, meat or grilled vegetables. I hope you like it and prepare it at home.

Beetroot hummus . This cream is very easy to prepare and as an appetizer or starter it is ideal. A quick and surprising vegan or vegan pate. When you try it, you will find a very specific flavor and an incredible texture, smooth, full of nuances and also healthy.

Our classic chickpea hummus . A cream, pate or chickpea puree that is a classic in Mediterranean cuisine, hummus or chickpea cream. I assure you that this recipe is a delicious dish available to everyone, cheap, simple and where the chickpea is … but it does not seem so.

Cream of peppers with walnuts . Simple to prepare, with easy to get ingredients and, as they say when people come home, a little exotic but with all the flavor of our land since we are all Mediterranean, you will succeed.

How to prepare Moroccan byessar . If you ask any Moroccan for this dish, it will surely brighten their day by reminding them of one of the most delicious snacks you can find in their kitchen.

The cream of eggplants, Mutabal, mutabbal Baba Ganoush or Baba Ganuch is a thin, very soft and exotic to the palate cream. We can accompany it with a bit of crusty bread or freshly baked pita bread, raw vegetable sticks such as carrots, celery or cucumber.

And why not? From Mexico, a classic guacamole or a guacamole with a Christmas touch , with a prawn ceviche, simply delicious.

Salty cakes, cut and ready to serve

Salty cakes are a delicious option to succeed at Christmas,

How to prepare a scorpionfish cake . This pate or Cabracho pudding has become one of the most popular dishes in restaurants and of course, at home, at Christmas.

Vegetable pie . A festival of colors and flavors that mix in a fantasy dish that will delight everyone for fun and tasty.

Salmon pie . Preparing this simple recipe for a special occasion, which we can have prepared beforehand is always a success. A way to enjoy your time and that of your diners.

A tartar to share?

Monkfish tartar with mango . I present you a plate to surprise your guests on a special occasion. An appetizer with a fresh and refreshing flavor that is usually served warm and with fried bread, toasted or with endives.

A classic from the blog, the tuna tartar . In just over thirty minutes we will have a highly appetizing and refreshing starter. The ingredients on which this recipe is based are tuna and avocado.

Salmon tartar . We can also serve it in a bowl so that each diner can spread it on toast, which would be the traditional way of presentation, in a glass.

The donut world. The best starter

These cauliflower fritters are ideal as an aperitif or as a garnish or accompaniment to meat or fish. An ideal way to prepare vegetables for everyone to eat at home, even the youngest ones who always come up with the theme of vegetables and fish.

One of the most classic appetizers of our cuisine, cod and potato fritters . Basic, delicious and easy to prepare, although they require a little planning for that reason the desalting of the cod. Otherwise the recipe is prepared relatively quickly.

The traditional cod fritters is a very simple recipe that is ideal for the little ones, since they have clean fish without bones and they eat it delighted. You can substitute cod for hake … and if there is something more on a budget, for monkfish or prawns.

Tostas that succeed on any occasion

These smoked salmon toasts are a real life saver because they are very easy to prepare and it packs a punch in front of the most demanding guests as if it were the most sophisticated preparation, also its flavor is delicious.

How to make toasts with smoked salmon and orange . In these toasts, sweet and sour flavors of salmon and an orange slice are mixed, accompanied by a very good sauce that can be used for other recipes.

How to prepare a toast of gulas, octopus and prawns . In this case, a Christmas appetizer with all the flavor of the sea, octopus, prawns and gulas.

In these cod toasts we have combined flavors that we are passionate about at home. The mixture of flavors and textures is perfect, the crispness of the bread, the juicy touch of branda that reinforces the flavor of the smoked cod and the aroma of parsley oil.

Of all the toasts, I keep one especially for its simplicity and flavor, a simple crispy bread toast with a small layer of caramelized onion that goes great with the soft touch of hazelnuts that Boletus Edulis gives us.

Original snacks that can be done a few days before

Beef carpaccio with mustard and honey vinaigrette. A perfect idea to be luxurious without having to spend all day in the kitchen. You only need 5 minutes and you will have a special meal perfect to succeed.

Canapes with brandade of cod with aioli . It is usually presented on a toast of homemade bread, either alone or accompanied by roasted peppers or caramelized onion.

How to make crispy mushroom and prawn rolls . A perfect Christmas snack to prepare beforehand and not overwhelm us on Christmas Day. Step by step with photos, video and tips.

The easiest snacks prepared in a plis plas

Tuna stuffed eggs . A Christmas classic that never fails when there’s not much time to cook and we want quick Christmas starters to easily fix the food. Also, the little ones at home like them.

An easy starter that everyone will like and that we are already prepared to sit at the table, some puff pastry volovans stuffed with salmon and tangerine . They are a light combination that will not make us lose our appetite to enjoy the rest of the meal, but that will make us enjoy some delicious bites.

The most classic with seafood

Yummy seafood cocktail . It is about combining some type of seafood, whether it is prawns, prawns or even Norway lobster or lobster, if we already want to be king up, with basic ingredients such as pineapple, avocado, tomato and chive.

How to make a seafood splash . You can prepare this salpicón with the budget you have on hand, it can be a very expensive or very cheap recipe, it all depends on the ingredients you use.

How to make a sea ​​splash . It is a simpler and cheaper option than the classic seafood salpicón where the presence of seafood is greater.

The croquetil world. The croquette always triumphs

From the many croquettes recipes that we have on the blog, I have selected the ones that I like the most at home and put them as a starter in any celebration or special occasion.

Some cheese croquettes , in this case roquefort . But if it is very strong and you want the little ones at home to eat it, we will have to try the proportion of cheese that best suits your taste, even with another type of cheese.

Tigers or mussel croquettes . A very simple and grateful Christmas starter. It has the creaminess of béchamel and that taste of the sea that Galician mussels give us, it is very important that they are of quality and in my opinion those from my land are the best.

This   timeless appetizer recipe , although it always triumphs at Christmas, the  ” ham croquettes “,  my grandmother’s recipe.

Mushroom croquettes . As we are in the middle of the wild mushroom season, this recipe for croquettes is perfect for cooking those that we collect or buy those that we like the most.

Gluten and lactose free ham croquettes . A way to enjoy everyone, even those with intolerances, one of the foods that they like the most at home and that succeed whenever we prepare them.

If you’ve come this far and you’re left with one of these Christmas snacks, congratulations! You will see how this post will really help you succeed this Christmas and I am delighted to collaborate in it, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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