Christmas recipes for all preferences. New Years menu.

Christmas in Santiago de Compostela The end of the year is coming and many of you will go to eat out, but the vast majority will have dinner at home with the family.

This year it is my turn in Ourense, very rich in gastronomic products that are the basis of many of my recipes, a province that also maintains differences in customs for the last dinner or the first meal of the year.

In this post I will propose a menu with several proposals for dishes that you can prepare: simple, delicious and that will allow you to enjoy sensational parties. You already put the party and of course I hope your photos of the party and the menus that you have prepared to put them in a corner of this New Year’s menu, whether they are delicious or homegrown. As always to facebook or email, [email protected] .

In many places in eastern Ourense, such as the regions of Valdeorras, Trives and O Bolo , the best bites of the recent slaughter will be cooked for these days. In the Ribeira Sacra, as is customary, a hearty first-year meal is made, on San Manuel’s day, to combat the hangover of the 31st. There is no such thing as a good bottle, androllas and smoked sausages with cabbage or cabbage to settle the stomach and start 2014 well.

In Carballiño and Rivadavia , they prefer menus with fish, especially cod, which is in great demand in many places near the border with Portugal, such as A Baixa Limia . But what is common in all the houses in Ourense is a little seafood to start the year off right and a good roast, to fart, where the kid and the roast lamb are the kings.

It is without a doubt on these dates when we have to put all our culinary skills to prepare a menu for so many people. Sometimes it is difficult to even find a dish that everyone likes.

That is why I have selected three options for each step of the menu , so you can choose between the one that you like the most. I hope they give you some ideas and that you enjoy them. And if you want to see many more options, don’t forget to visit our Christmas Recipes special .

Starters and appetizers

There are many starters from which you can choose for this menu, you can put all of these distributed on the table so that each one takes the one that they like the most. Remember that they are to whet your appetite, don’t go overboard with the amount I already know you…

Recipe for toast of gulas, octopus and prawns Toast with eels, octopus and prawns

A quick appetizer, a simple slice of bread can be turned into the most gourmet snack by adding the flavor of mariñeiro with gulas, octopus and prawns. You can have everything prepared the day before, perfect, right? Simple, fast and very appropriate for these dates in which we are.

Cod croquettes recipe Cod croquettes.

This is a classic at home, we always have in the freezer for a special occasion or for daily, you stick your belly to make croquettes one day and then you have the ballot solved for a long time. In this case they are cod but you can make them what you like the most. On this date there is plenty of food and you do not have to throw it away, you can try making them from spider crab, crab or prawn, impressive.

Byessar or bean cream recipe Byessar or bean cream.

Why not? Put some exotic appetizer on your table, you have to vary from time to time. This is a perfect accompaniment to roasted lamb. The dish is greatly enhanced with freshly baked pita bread or a few khubz triangles for dipping. I recommend you adapt it with your favorite bread, a little toasted to combine with the softness of the cream, the cereal bread gives this mash a touch of impressive sweetness.

Salads, the beginning of a good meal.

Sometimes a delicious salad can become a unique dish for a menu, especially on these dates when there are so many dishes to choose from. The three proposals that I leave you are 100% winners, you will tell me.

Seafood salad recipe Seafood salad .

Recycling! take advantage of the seafood left over on Christmas Eve. This option is impressive because it is accompanied by several ingredients that perfectly match, easy to get and that will make this salad a unique dish, with something else you have managed the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Warm Wok Cheese Salad Recipe Warm wok salad with cheese and nuts.

Are you passionate about cheese? This is your Nadal salad. With crunchy vegetables to the wok mixed with a bestial dressing that goes great with the nuts and your favorite cheeses. Yes or yes!

Potato salad recipe and sea flavors Potato salad and sea flavors.

A classic potato with all the flavor of the sea that you can tune even with seafood. Its base, the Murcian salad, is perfect to start a good dinner or lunch. Add or remove ingredients to the tastes of each one, it supports a lot of variations. In this the usual dressing and presentation are changed, but it may be your Christmas option.

Seafood, but reasonably priced.

We have many ways for our guests to get a good taste in their mouths, of course if they see barnacles on the table they will put on a happy face, but there is no need to pawn a kidney either. Without throwing the house out the window, I offer you three luxury options so that the same happens, face to the brim with happiness.

Grilled Zamburiñas recipe Grilled scallops.

From my point of view, the scallops are one of the best seafood we have in Galicia, easy to prepare and without complicating our lives. The sauce I warn you that it is spectacular, you should not leave anything on the plate.

Galician style recipe Scallops Galician.

A classic at home for many years, I think since I can remember. And of course one of the recipes that you have prepared the most, because on the blog it has a lot of visits. There is no one who has told me that they did not like it, go ahead and you will tell me the result.

Crab gratin recipe Baked spider crab.

This recipe can be prepared with all the spider crab, or even take advantage of the shells of other seafood, such as the ox, some crab or simply the shell of some scallops to prepare a delicious dish gratin in the oven. I’m sure you will all like it.

And the big main course, meat or fish?

Stuffed pularda recipe Baked stuffed pularda.

The pularda is a typical bird in our dishes at Christmas parties, it is a hen that does not lay eggs and thus its meat is more tender and juicy. An option that has become a success in these dates, at home we have already had two and they liked it a lot.

Baked cod fillet recipe Cod with mussels and gulas cream

You already know what cod likes at home, although this fish is just one more option. You can accompany this impression sauce with your favorite fish: hake, turbot, sea bass, monkfish … a festive touch to decorate the quality of the main ingredient, fish.

Truffled crepes recipe Truffled pancakes stuffed with hake.

This recipe has guaranteed success, it is a great option for New Year’s Eve or Kings dinner. But do not cook more than one per person as it can fill a lot.

Ready! We already have an interesting collection of recipes for the end of the year to have our menu with the most delicious meals soon. Let’s do it! and happy New Year!

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