Do not throw food. Tips and tricks to take advantage of remains

Tricks not to throw food away. Kitchen of use of the whole life.

There are many factors that influence food waste. The new family structures , single-person, single-parent, far from the nuclear families of four people, for example, generate more remains, and consequently more economic expenses.

This is due, in part, to the rationalization of food in supermarkets , which always tends towards saving formats aimed at a greater number of people.

But we must also refer to the poor planning we do when shopping . We let things enter our eyes, without thinking about what we really need.

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We buy in excess and the consequence goes through pantries full of old dated food sometimes. On other occasions we prepare more food than we consume … But here we bring some tricks so that this is no longer a problem. 

The first thing you should do is give the food another chance before throwing it away. How? Well, as always, using your imagination .

Here are some suggestions. Tricks and recipes to take advantage of food scraps

Meat or chicken

  • Remember the delights that our grandmothers prepared with those leftovers. If you feel like it, you can prepare empanada or dumplings, Russian steaks or hamburgers , meatballs , original sandwiches , a delicious quiche
  • Of course, the star dish (and favorite of many of us) made of leftovers (like cooked ): the croquettes

Fish and seafood

  • With the leftovers from the fish we can also prepare different hamburgers (a fun way to make children eat the fish better).
  • Also fritters , in the form of meatballs or hamburgers , tartlets, cakes, such as the scorpionfish , or stuffed peppers . The possibilities are almost endless.

Vegetables and vegetables

  • Who has not reused the leftover vegetables to make a cream ? Well, in addition to purees, you can also make quiches, crispy snacks, vegetable croquettes , chips, lasagna , soups ,
  • In summer, the tomato is the star, it is okay to eat it in a salad, but its possibilities are endless. Although they are very ripe they can be used as a base for a good sofrito or as gazpachos , the delicious ajoblancos or the traditional salmorejo .
  • Sauces or reuse them to make fillings.
  • We can add rice and prepare paellas and various rice dishes, dry rice stews with vegetables and legumes. Like baked rice , a whole ode to use in Valencia. If we are in summer, do not hesitate the rice salads
  • And why not, the pasta with vegetables is delicious, it admits almost everything you have in the fridge or is about to spoil. In good weather the pasta salad is an unbeatable option.
  • With seasonal vegetables we can prepare a lot of recipes. Remember that everything comes at once, and the vegetables spoil easily. It can be used in vegetable dishes , such as the Manchego ratatouille , the Mallorcan tumbet , the Andalusian ratatouille or a zucchini ratatouille .
  • Always think of preserves, not just fried tomato , they can even be prepared with aubergines .


It may be one of the foods that we throw out the most. The fruit, which is preserved for less time, is perfect for preparing healthy desserts, such as apple pies or other fruits, jellies, puff pastry tarts , compotes , ice cream and slushies or biscuits.

And away from home …

But waste is not produced only in our homes. Also when we go out for lunch or dinner we waste a lot of food unnecessarily .

We are at a time when we begin to become aware of it. We have put aside (or are doing it) that shame that traditionally existed of asking for leftovers in restaurants .

And that is also a way to contribute to the sustainability of the kitchen.

Do you sign up not to throw food? Join a kitchen and sustainable food.

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