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Chilindrón chicken

Chilindrón chicken


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person
  • 276kcal per 100g.

How to make chilindrón chicken . This recipe is one of always, which can not be missing in any self-respecting recipe book, chicken with chilindrón.

One of the most traditional and simple chicken recipes that has occupied Spanish tables for everyone’s delight for many years. This dish is a classic, almost as much as the chicken in pepitoria . At home we prepare it often, accompanied by a salad and a bunch of chips, almost as many as chicken.

It is perfect for the stomach and pocket, it is a low cost recipe that the whole family will like, it is perfect both for food and for preparing the tupper of the week. Has it all! Tasty and cheap, who gives more?

We find its origin in the Aragonese gastronomy. Do you know who this chilindrón sauce owes its name to? Well, they say that in Aragon there was a card game called “chilindrón” and whoever won decided who paid for the food, the chilindrón. So our chilindrón chicken originates from the tables, but where the cards were played.

The base of this recipe is the chilindrón sauce or sauce made from onion, garlic, tomatoes and red peppers with ham, which will end up giving the sauce that rich and special flavor that a good ham gives, in this case with a designation of origin. from Teruel, to make it a 100% Aragonese recipe.

The prominence of this dish has spread and taken root in Navarra and La Rioja cuisine, where it has acquired as much fame and tradition as in Aragon. Although it is normal for chilindrón to be accompanied by poultry, it is also used to cook other meats, such as lamb or rabbit .

You see that this dish has a long tradition and if it has been accompanying our tables for so long, it will be for something, do not you think? That said, we get down to work because today we have a chicken with chilindrón de tachupete.

Preparation of the chilidrón chicken

  1. In a large frying pan, add a generous stream of olive oil. Peel two garlic cloves and add them to the pan to brown. When they take color we remove them, we just want the flavor to leave us.
  2. We clean the chicken, removing the skin and hair that may be left. We add a little salt and put them in the pan where we have browned the garlic. We fry it over high heat but with patience, it must be browned, but not burned.
  3. Once browned we remove it from the pan and reserve it.
  4. Peel and cut the onion into julienne strips and chop the garlic. In a large saucepan add a generous stream of extra virgin olive oil. We fry the onion and garlic over medium heat, being careful not to burn the garlic.
  5. We wash and cut the peppers into strips and add to the saucepan when the onion turns golden. We leave it all together.
  6. Peel and cut the tomatoes into tacos.
  7. When the peppers are al dentes, add the previously sliced ​​ham. We fry it for a couple of minutes and then add the tomato.
  8. We let all the ingredients cook together for 6 or 7 minutes over medium-low heat. We remove so that they do not catch the bottom.

Cooking and final presentation of the chicken in chilindrón

  1. Add the chicken and pour the white wine. We shake the casserole so that the chicken fits well and the sauce is distributed. We let everything cook over medium-low heat about 7 or 8 minutes.
  2. A trick that I sometimes use is to add a sprig of rosemary or thyme to the stew. That touch gives it a field chicken spot that I love.
  3. If necessary we would add a little water so that the stew does not get too dry.
  4. Optionally and as a mother’s advice, if you really like the sauce, you can add a glass of warm water (in addition to the wine) with a teaspoon of cornstarch or cornstarch. We dissolve it in the glass with a fork and before covering the casserole. Then when the chicken is ready, reduce the sauce only to the desired thickness and then add the chicken again.
  5. When the sauce has reduced (without being dry) we rectify with salt if necessary.
  6. We remove the chicken from the fire, serve and serve hot.
  7. The result is tasty, juicy chicken and bread dipping meat. Take advantage!

A recipe for chicken in sauce with peppers and tomato, and a very rich point of garlic that the whole family will like.

A traditional Aragonese dish, as old as Spanish gastronomy itself, popular like no other and originating in the north of our geography.

It is believed that its origin is in the city of Zaragoza and extended to all adjacent communities such as La Rioja, Navarra and the Basque Country. A whole luxury of flavors and aromas that are worth much more than what it costs, delicious.

If you do not want to miss a detail on how to prepare this recipe for chicken with chilindrón,   click on the photos in the step by step.

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