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Bulgarian sirloin steak

Bulgarian sirloin steak


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 5 people
  • € 8 / person

How to prepare Bulgarian sirloin steak . Last weekend, Pepe had a birthday and made his star dish, Solomillo a la Bulgariana . This meat recipe expect it every year since I can assure you is death, and I have documented recipe I present this year with the step by step according to the teacher. The truth is that I do not have Bulgarian gastronomy very much in mind in my kitchen, but just like in the Mediterranean cuisine, vegetables, cucumbers, aubergines, tomatoes, zucchini and, of course, yogurt stand out a lot.

Bulgarians tend to choose meat as a main course, which is why they have made their meat dishes exquisite. In Bulgaria “Kyufte” and “Kebapche” are famous , the minced meat dishes with condiments. They are usually made of beef or pork, roasted on the grill, where the meat is accompanied by tomato, pepper and peas that are roasted in the oven in a clay pot.

If you like this type of meat cut, you can find a lot of sirloin recipes that are sure to succeed at home. This Bulgarian recipe that I present to you is simpler only that the meat has to be of an extraordinary quality, with that we have guaranteed success. The flavor of the vegetable with this juicy meat gives an intense and nuanced dish. You can even vary the recipe with skewers following this recipe and with the vegetables a little more al dente, delicious. I hope you like it and you are encouraged to prepare it.

Preparation of the Bulgarian sirloin steak

  1. In this recipe we are going to introduce a new term, marinate: Keep certain foods raw, especially fish, with marinade of wine, vinegar, herbs, spices, … so that they soften and acquire aroma. In short, it is a process in order to preserve, flavor or soften them. With this technique we introduce new flavors to the meat through herbs and spices. It is very important not to marinate it more than 1 day since the meat would be hard.
  2. Once this technique is explained a little, we cut the sirloin into equal squares (not very large, so it will absorb the flavor of the wine more quickly).
  3. We marinate it for 1 night in a container with good quality red wine (a Rioja is very good for it), extra virgin olive oil (it must also be of good quality), black pepper and salt (little quantity). We leave the meat in the fridge tightly covered.
  4. We cut the onion in half moons, the peppers into long strips and the tomatoes in half. We remove the meat from the fridge and remove the marinade broth (which we are going to use for cooking).
  5. We are going to use 2 casseroles, in one we introduce the meat. We rectify salt and put it on low heat. In the other casserole we poach the vegetables, according to Pepe (the author of the recipe), first we have to cook the onion and when it begins to change color.
  6. Add the peppers and only at the end the tomatoes, sprinkling both with the marinade broth. This process takes about 15 minutes for meat and half an hour for vegetables.
  7. The last step is to combine the vegetables with the meat in a bowl and serve very hot.
  8. I have found a version of the recipe in a book in which the meat is drizzled in the last step with the juice of a lemon. I think Pepe didn’t do it, but I’ll explain it to you in case someone wants to do it.

A tip, if you do not have enough time to marinate the meat, leaving it 1 hour before cooking, you already get good results. And it goes without saying that this recipe is exquisite and that Pepe can do it again whenever he wants, not only on his birthday …

You can see in this step by step how to prepare this Bulgarian sirloin recipe , I am sure you will prepare them on many occasions. If you want to know how to prepare this Bulgarian sirloin recipe and not miss a step, browse this album.


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