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Beef with peppers. Chinese recipe

Beef with peppers. Chinese recipe


  • Easy
  • 45 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 2 / person
  • 275kcal per 100g.

How to prepare beef with peppers in the Chinese style . This recipe with meat that is an adaptation of Chinese cuisine always triumphs at home and is that it is to lick your fingers, beef with green peppers .

I do not know what I like more, if the crisp texture of the pepper or the flavor that the sauce brings to all the ingredients. This dish of Chinese-American origin has been adapted to western cuisine, which is less used to strong flavors.

In fact, almost all the dishes we eat in Chinese, Japanese, etc. restaurants are quite far from their origins. Although I must say, we have already started to find restaurants where they risk a little more with the original flavors.

If you want to prepare a meal for friends, you can do it in a big way with a combination of Chinese and Japanese recipes. In China, each diner typically has his or her own bowl of rice, and all other dishes are served communally.

The diners themselves are taking the amount they are going to eat with their chopsticks. Although it is well seen in China that everyone sticks the chopstick on the same plate, in the West that concept may seem unhygienic. Therefore, I advise you to put an extra dish in case one of your guests does not want to share the gastronomic ritual that you have prepared.

Preparation of the veal

  1. Salt the fillets and lightly pass them through the cornstarch or cornstarch.
  2. Next, we cut them into strips of just under 1 cm.
  3. In the same pan, add a splash of olive oil (if necessary) and sauté the meat until it is well sealed on the outside and tender or undercooked on the inside.
  4. Remove from the pan and reserve.

Preparation of the veal with peppers

  1. We wash and cut the green pepper into very thin strips and salt. Add a splash of oil to the pan and sauté the pepper over high heat. Just a couple of minutes to make it crispy. We withdraw and reserve.
  2. Cut the chives into large cubes and sauté in the same pan for 1 minute. We reserve it together with the peppers. We remove any remains that have been in the pan and rectify oil if necessary. Add the celery stick and leave it for 1 minute so that it gives off flavor. Add the tablespoon of cornstarch and toast it.
  3. Next we pour the soybeans, stir well and almost immediately afterwards we pour the wine, without stopping stirring. Add the honey and continue stirring so that there are no lumps. Finally pour the broth, stir and let it cook for a few minutes over medium heat, while stirring.
  4. While the veal is being prepared we put the white rice in another casserole. In this video you have the step by step to prepare an easy, super simple and fast white rice.
  1. When the sauce is ready, add the beef strips and let them cook, over medium-low heat, with the sauce for 3-4 minutes, so that the flavors are well integrated. After that time, add the bell pepper and the chives and sauté well for 1 minute.
  2. We serve hot and accompanied by a good white rice, loose and tasty. To enjoy!

If you want to surprise with a Chinese theme, you should not miss the veal with peppers, the spring rolls , the Chinese fried noodles with chicken and vegetables or the classic three delicacies fried rice . A little decoration, some chopsticks … and you already have a party set up, with a different touch and very tasty. You already know how to enjoy food and better if it’s with friends.

You can see all the photos of the step by step recipe of beef with peppers   in this album, do not miss any detail and it will be perfect, come on, to repeat again and again.

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