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Chermoula sauce or chermula. Moroccan recipe

Chermoula sauce or chermula. Moroccan recipe


  • Very easy
  • 5 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • € 0.35 / person
  • 240kcal per 100g.

How to prepare Moroccan chermoula sauce or chermula  When we talk about chermoula we are referring to a type of marinade, sauce or filling used for cooking in most Arab countries. Although especially in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

It is like mayonnaise or aioli , romescu, canarian mojo picón or homemade tomato sauce in Spanish cuisine, chimichurri in Argentina or pesto in Italian.

In the north of Morocco where its use is more widespread it is used to flavor fish or seafood dishes, although we can also find its delicious flavor in meat stews, soups, lamb tagine, grilled vegetables or in its famous cous -cous .

This is the recipe from a friend’s Moroccan cookbook , a recipe with a spicy touch because it has cayenne, very aromatic and slightly sweet and quite spicy .

A sauce that is here to stay, I always have a little in an airtight jar covered with a little extra virgin olive oil in the fridge, so it lasts a few days.

When I prepare in quantity, of course I freeze it. Always available for many recipes, you will see when the barbecue season comes, it will succeed.

Preparation of chermoula sauce

  1. We have two standard recipes, one with and the other without mortar or suribachi. If you want to prepare the chermoula as they do in Morocco, you must give it to the mortar. To do this, mash the peeled and chopped garlic, the cumin if it is in grain, the coriander well minced, the cayenne, the pepper and the flaked salt.
  2. We give it vigorously until they form a smooth and homogeneous paste.
  3. Once we have the pasta, we add the lemon juice, the paprika (sweet and spicy) and very slowly the extra virgin olive oil. We are adding it until there is a thick paste. If it is too thick we can lighten it with a little water.
  4. If we prepare it with the grinder (it is only a venial sin and it is faster) we will put everything in a bowl and crush until there is a paste similar to a puree or light sauce.
  5. Remember to chop the coriander well so that it does not get tangled in the mixer blades.
  6. We try the chermoula and we usually rectify with salt. And that’s it! This would be the famous Moroccan sauce.

Quick version for barbecues and roasts

  1. Although I have another version that has succeeded in several barbecues, with a bit of fried bread that gives it a different touch, its texture is less homogeneous but just as rich.
  2. To do this, cut 3 slices of bread into cubes. In a frying pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, fry them until golden. We remove the bread and add it at the end of the process with the liquids. The rest of the process would be the same.
  3. Once the chermoula is made you can use it directly. Although if you keep it in a tightly closed container for a few hours, the fusion of flavors will be enhanced.

Tips and recommendations for a yummy sauce

  • One of the best sauces I know. This sauce is not only good for Moroccan recipes. You can accompany it with a good steak, some potatoes or a barbecue, as well as some fish or even vegetables.
  • Canned lemon is also often added , so famous in its cuisine. Although it is not easy to find, I used the juice of a lemon, it does not have that sweet touch of the pickle but it gives the punch.
  • It is usually prepared with the help of a mortar and a little patience. But since I needed to make it quick to prepare some mackerel dumplings , I passed it through the mincer. Maybe the flavor is not so authentic but I assure you that even so, it is very good.
  • There are many variants of this sauce as different spices are used. In each house it is done in a way with the ones they like the most. Although they all have garlic and coriander as base ingredients (sometimes substituted by parsley). In the Moroccan version that I present to you today they include cumin, paprika, flaked salt and black pepper.
  • Be sure to enjoy all the recipes we have on the blog. You can prepare the tastiest sauces and accompany all our dishes.

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