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Roasted stuffed potatoes

Roasted stuffed potatoes


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.8 € / person

How to prepare roasted and stuffed potatoes . Many times, with simple ingredients, those that are always in a pantry, you can prepare high-class dishes.

Potatoes, eggs, cheese and bacon are the only things necessary to prepare this recipe with potatoes , simple homemade and traditional, turning it around to get a different dish from a traditional recipe. I am one of those who remember with joy the dishes that my grandmother prepared for me, some fried potatoes with fried egg and bacon, they were what I needed to be happy for a moment, great.

Today it has not complicated for me, it is about roasted potatoes stuffed with egg, bacon and cheese that will make you want more than one, a marvel, for the simplicity and the tasty of the combination. It is a colorful and original adaptation of a classic rather than simple.

Preparation of potatoes stuffed with egg, bacon and cheese

  1. We chose good-sized potatoes that are as regular in shape as possible. We wash them under the tap and cook them in water for 25 to 35 minutes, depending on their size. To check that the potatoes are cooked, we prick them with a fork, it would have to be easily entered. It is important that we do not overdo the cooking since what we want is that they are cooked but not undone, at their point.
  2. As an alternative we can also roast the potatoes in the oven. To do this we wrap them separately with aluminum foil and bake them for about 1 hour at 200º C until they are done. We check by clicking them, on top of the paper to see if the fork is easily inserted.
  3. We remove the potatoes and let them cool before proceeding to fill them. If we begin to manipulate them in hot we run the risk that the outer skin will come off. Once cold, we cut a top cover on each of the potatoes and proceed to empty them with a spoon. We discard the inside of the potatoes to accompany, for example, a little fish the next day, or for example prepare a potato salad (do not think of throwing anything away). We season each one inside.

Baking and final presentation of stuffed roast potatoes

  1. We cut the bacon into thin strips and brown them in a pan.
  2. It is not necessary that we add any type of fat since the meat itself will be enough. We remove the bacon and reserve.
  3. We place a first layer of grated or finely diced cheese. We continue with a second layer of bacon. We finish with the last layer of cheese.
  4. We place the potatoes on a tray suitable for the oven and, with the oven previously heated to 180º C.
  5. Bake for 15 minutes, until we see that the cheese has melted. We remove the potatoes and add an egg to each of them.
  6. We have to be careful that the yolk does not break when we break the egg. We return the tray to the oven and continue cooking until the egg has the clear curd and the yolk is still liquid.
  7. With 2-3 minutes you will see that the white curdles and turns white and the yolk changes a little color.
  8. We remove from the oven. We serve the hot potatoes sprinkled with a pinch of chopped parsley.
  9. We serve the potatoes on the spot.

Tips and advice for a delicious stuffed potato

  • To ensure that they are perfect we only have to take into account three details, on the one hand, it is necessary that the cheese we use is one of those that melt. On the other hand, the potatoes must be the best formed possible, without inclinations that make the egg escape when poured inside.
  • Finally, if we add the egg at the end of the baking and not all the ingredients together. The yolk will not curdle and the result will be unbeatable. We can only get a good piece of village bread to dip all its crumb in the yolk, a wonderful dish.
  • It is important that we leave enough space to fit the egg that we will include later. So we should not fill the potatoes to the top.
  • We must serve the freshly baked potatoes. If we let the potatoes cool, the yolk would curdle and lose part of its grace.
  • In a simple and uncomplicated way we can enjoy this very basic dish with tasty, without more accompaniment than a light salad of fresh tomato with cheese, a full menu and delicious.
  • Cheer up with the different recipes with stuffed potatoes that we have on the blog, from the typical potatoes stuffed with meat , the classic potatoes stuffed with tuna , the potatoes stuffed with vegetables and bacon , etc. They are also easy to eat, making it a perfect recipe for the smallest of the house.
  • You can see all the step by step photos of the recipe for roasted potatoes   in this album, do not miss any detail and they will be perfect.

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