The perfect barbecue exists!

Temperatures rise, the sun rises every day, afternoons lengthen and the desire to prepare (and attend) a barbecue becomes imminent.

Being a little hot is not enough. There are some important things you need to know to be a true barbecue expert , ranging from preparing too many ingredients, without skipping any, to their proper cooking time.

And it is that although the RAE does not say it, the true synonym of vacations is: BARBECUE . So I want to give you all the details so that you can open the summer season as it deserves!

What if we barbecue?

The weekend has arrived and you have embarked on an adventure from which you do not know how you will get out. Not only do you put the terrace or the garden and the barbecue, but it is also you who will have to go buy everything.

Take a deep breath and don’t panic.

The success of the barbecue lies in its ease. But for this you must have the necessary elements so that everything turns out round.

A barbecue is much more than just chops. There are a lot of vegetables and different types of meat that you can taste in it.

The first basic rule that you have to know is the time that each food needs. Since, obviously, the cooking of some peppers will be different from that of any piece of meat.

You have to learn to control the ember well and master it.

At first it is not easy. When you don’t control the power of the grill, the first few batches of food tend to calcine and the last few batches could be raw. Take this detail into account when making the purchase.

Plan well

  • Don’t fall short, but don’t overdo it either. When you think of barbecue you immediately visualize kilos and kilos of meat. To avoid wasting food (and money), the ideal is to design a menu taking into account the number of people you will be.
  • The normal thing is about 200 grams per person for starters (sausages, chicken skewers, bacon) 250 grams of lean meats (chops, entrecote , chicken wings ) and some vegetables such as leeks, aubergines or peppers that in addition to accompanying the meat will speed up our digestion.
  • The potatoes, the olives and of course, the previous beers while the coals heat up, more than making room they will take it away from you, so keep this in mind when thinking about the amounts of meat and vegetables.
  • If you have not used your barbecue since last year, it is important that you make sure that it is clean . It is best to clean it after each use so that the grill is not smeared. When you finish cooking with the grill still hot, add enough salt and rub it with newspaper.

Do not cut yourself!

The thickness of the meat must be adequate for it to be tender. If you are going to do it yourself, get a good sharp knife and cut it in the direction of the meat fibers, but NEVER in parallel. The perfect thickness of a steak is 4 to 5 centimeters.

May your barbecue be on fire!

  • Fanning the flame is not always easy, but when it comes to barbecue, a little practice and patience is enough. I recommend that you start lighting the grill an hour earlier (minimum) than the time you want to start eating.
  • The amount of charcoal you have to put will depend proportionally on the amount of meat you are going to cook. There is no exact rule, but adding more charcoal in the middle of the meal because you have come up short will take longer than you should.
  • A barbecue cannot be perfect if its coals are not . The flames must disappear so that the heat is evenly distributed.
  • Turning it on has no complications. Get some lighting pills and paper and count to ten the times it takes until the grills are in their right place. Impatience does not make perfection, I assure you.
  • When most of the flames have gone out and the bastard starts to redden, you can move on to the first batch of food.
  • If once the barbecue has started the flames come up do not worry, you can lower them by adding a little salt.

Don’t dizzy neither the partridge nor the meat

In order for the meat to be at its point, it is VERY important that you do not make it dizzy without stopping . In fact, until they are cooked on one side you will not be able to turn them over.

If you have previously stored the meat in the fridge, remove it and give it a few minutes until it returns to room temperature before putting it to the heat of the coals.

As I said at the beginning, each type of meat in addition to having its time has its order. If you have chosen lamb or veal, make them at the end, since they cook more quickly. Remember, the small, fatty pieces (the ones we call starters) and the chicken will go first. While these pieces are browning you can make the vegetables.

Oil or not?

Fill all ingredients with a spray oil so that they do not stick or dry EXCEPT fatty meats.

And the salt when?

As you can see in the previous video, here are many theories about the perfect time to add salt . Some say the right thing is in the end. But the salt is also cooked so I recommend adding a bit on both sides before putting it on the grill.

Now that you know everything there is to know about barbecues, hot coals, grills, coals and all its peculiarities. I can only wish you a happy summer and that your barbecues triumph wherever you go!

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