Beyond burguer. Vegetable burgers, what’s this all about?

Beyond burguer, what’s this about?

Beyond , or what has been ” beyond ” means that this hamburger goes far beyond meat.

This is an American company that has created an internationally marketed hamburger with a meat-like texture and flavor that has everything but meat.

Before continuing, comment that I have tried it on my own, I am not vegan but I have reduced the meat in my diet. I have heard so much about this topic among friends that I wanted to comment from knowledge. It is also clear that this type of vegetable burgers are here to stay, and not only will this brand start to be seen everywhere, but many more.

Do not be fooled, it is an ultra-processed product and it is far from what is considered a healthy food. Let’s see, it is a way of not eating meat and reducing its consumption, eating something that tastes and looks like meat .

One way to take away charges of conscience for animal suffering, immoral spending of water and contamination of livestock … but good is not good, it is an ultra-vegan process that can be taken in moderation.

Where can we find it in Spain?

In the US it is present everywhere, it has been sold since 2013, but in Spain it was launched less than two years ago, I saw it for the first time on Amazon before summer but you also have it available online in many vegan stores and restaurants vegans from all over Spain.

What I have seen are other brands such as Gerblé, Garden Gourmet, Sojasum or Ahimsa, which are easier to get in supermarkets … but not to my liking.

But is it good? it’s good?

The beyond meat company was created with products made from plants and vegetables to imitate and replace meat. In this way, the disadvantages of the meat industry could be eliminated.

Basically it was about offering a solution not only to people who do not eat meat, but to livestock farming and what that entails.

I tell you that I liked it, I tried it at Goiko Grill , according to the letter it is meat of 100% vegetable origin based on peas, with 20 g of protein, soy-free and gluten-free. The burger is presented in the guise of a regular beef burger with a highly accomplished flavor and juiciness. Especially if it goes with the rest of the accompaniments, sauce and of course, its bread.

With what I bought on Amazon a pack, and I prepared it at home, I assure you that the piece coagulates and the texture is completely sticky. But the aroma it gives off is not hamburger, it smells like processed food. You can’t just eat it … up to there, my version. Would I eat it again? Yes, of course, but once or twice a year. If I go back to Goiko I’ll have one with meat. But you have to try to be able to give your opinion later.


Although the most fashionable and marketed in Spain is the hamburger, Beyond Meat has beyond chicken, beyond beef and the beast.

Beyond chicken are intended, as the name implies, to imitate chicken. They are made from soy protein , fiber, peas and other ingredients in a healthy and less harmful way than chicken . Through pressure mechanisms and cold water the texture that is achieved is super similar.

Beyond beef goes beyond veal and within this range they have Beef and Feisty, both also made with pea protein, seasonings and canola oil . Its mixture is quite interesting and is the result of soy protein with pea protein that is heated and processed in an extrusion machine to give that veal-like flavor.

The beast has pea protein, like the others, sunflower oil, and water . All this is mixed with a double screw extruder, all ingredients are prepared and pressurized.

And to finish the Beyond, the famous one. The queen in the crown. It is the first vegetable burger produced to be sold alongside the beef or chicken burger in the meat section of supermarkets. It contains 20 grams of protein and contains neither soy nor gluten (important). It is also not transgenic or cholesterol free, plus it has half the saturated fat of a normal hamburger.

In summary…

These healthy alternatives, as I was saying, are not only suitable for vegetarians or vegans , but for everyone. We must progressively curb meat consumption for the good of the planet and these solutions are healthy for both the environment and you.

The truth is that its flavor will leave you speechless. If you do not dare to try them, jump into making your own vegetarian or vegan lentil burgers .

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