Eat well every day

– Dad! We are number 1 on Amazon !
– And what is that Alfonso? He answers me – I explain the subject a little and he says to me – stop chores and do it on paper, that on the Internet I cannot teach it to friends.

The  Eat Well Everyday ebook is working very well, if many of you already have it and there are no complaints … good sign. I attest that Jimena  has designed it with great care and has given it a different look than the kitchen recipe ebooks that are on the market right now.

Thanks to the success of the ebook  Larousse contacted us to see the possibility of taking it to paper, the world turned upside down! From the electronic world to paper, I think we are the pioneers in doing something similar in the world of kitchens.

The first thing I thought of was my father, you will see how proud he is going to be with his brand new paper book of good, beautiful and cheap. Yes, that’s it, it has been a few months of retouching and a lot of work, I have to thank the people of Larousse a lot , some cracks who have pampered and taken care of all the issues that the book has involved.

Thanks to all those who have contributed their bit, I am sure it will be a success, that communication department, that great Eva, the great edition of Sofia, layout and design by Victor Gomollón and I cannot forget the editor who has committed to Eating well every day:  Jordi Induráin. Thank you for making it possible.

I think that the bet on the electronic book has been a success but there are still many people who want to have a book that can be felt, smelled and leafed through carefully.

I have even managed to get Mikel Iturriaga to dedicate a few words to me in the book… I have asked for a loan from the bank to pay him in comfortable installments until my retirement (it’s a joke, I asked for it in the morning and in the afternoon I had it in the mail, a crack the Uncle, I swear he did it in one go (how he writes!).

I have learned a lot from him, I could tell you that Eating well every day has its own style, but it would be a lie, it is a compendium of many, of everything I read daily on the internet and abroad.

It goes without saying that the illustrations are milk, hundreds of drawings so beautiful that I am going to make my own T-shirts, bed sheets and aprons, luxurious. I always say it but today I repeat it, put a  Jimena in your life , but find one that is mine.

Our editor Sofía Acebo has had a lot to do with the process of adapting these drawings, the idea of ​​animating the recipes with Jimena’s illustrations has been a success, how the book has won. A professional like the crown of a pine, in fact I have already captured it for the plump sect, right Sofia?

If you like this blog, you will like the new book Eat well every day, you know that in times of crisis, the price is very important, because we have thought about it, 15 euros and you will have a treasure in your kitchen, a piece of the one that we all carry inside. You are already taking a long time to order it in your usual bookstore, let the bookseller find out what you like, reserve it, they are sold out!

I end with a phrase I heard from Mikel:  “You have to turn the books back into something cool. If you go home with someone and they don’t have books, don’t throw it away ”  Wise advice, never trust someone who doesn’t have books at home.

Eat well every day – Easy recipes for a healthy and varied diet.

  • Number of pages: 228
  • Format 18.5 x 23.5 cm
  • Rustic Binding with flaps
  • Price 15 euros.

Where to buy the book?

For those who have asked me from Ourense, you have it this week in your bookstores: Tanco, Eixo, Kathedra, Stylo, Outro, Internacional, Platero Queixumes, A Nove, P. Feijoo and Salgueiros. Throughout Spain: Amazon, El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Fnac, …

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