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26 recipes for cakes and cakes with fruit, the juiciest and healthiest

recipes for sponge cakes and cakes with fruit, the juiciest and healthiest

Biscuits and tarts with fruit

Make your life a little more colorful with our favorite fruity cakes and pies. Whether you are looking for a classic fruit cake, something more spectacular, or simply a sweet, quick and easy cake, these fruit recipes will brighten even the grayest days.

They also have many advantages over other types of cakes and cakes, did you know?:

  • Thanks to the moisture of the fruit, they remain tender and juicy for longer.
  • They need less added sugar because the fruit provides sweetness, as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • They are used to take advantage of stale fruit, that which looks bad but can still be used in some pieces or crushed.
  1. Cakes with fruit
  2. Cakes with fruit

Cakes with fruit

Orange And Chocolate cake

Orange And Chocolate cake

A winter cake, since it is prepared with fresh seasonal oranges and chocolate chips, one of those combinations that always works.

Normandy apple sponge cake

Normandy apple pie

One of those easy-to-prepare cakes, with a rustic style that promises a tasty result. Although the base is common for many other apple pie recipes, the result of this recipe is different.

Pear sponge cake

Pear sponge cake

A delicious, sweet fruit with a high percentage of liquid. It gives this cake recipe a moist and tasty touch, which goes great with cinnamon. Prepare this delicious cake with your children for breakfast or for a snack, they will love it with a glass of milk.

Banana cake or banana bread

Banana cake

The mixture of a quick bread with banana has a lot to do with the famous recipes for use, this sweet bread has always been a delicious way to take the old bananas that are left in the fruit bowl and turn them into something edible.

Homemade apricot cake

Apricot sponge cake

With summer come some of the most delicious fruits of the year: cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, melon, peaches, apricots… Although seasonal fruit has much more flavor and is delicious just by washing it under running water, it is also a opportunity to prepare cakes and biscuits.

Pineapple Cake

pineapple cake

This type of pineapple upside down cake has been around for years. A century ago this type of cake was already prepared with a sugary topping made from fruits in syrup and caramel.

Cherry sponge cake

Cherry sponge cake recipe

A fantastic option to have with a coffee in the morning, much better than any industrial bun you can imagine.


Fruit cake recipe

This recipe is uncomplicated and very simple, the base is the traditional cake, the fluffy yogurt that we ate when we were little, healthy, with little fat, just enough and lots of fruit. You can change the fruits with the ones you like the most by following the basic instructions.

Yogurt cake with orange

Yogurt cake with orange

I think one of the first sweets I learned to make is the classic yogurt cake. I’m sure many of you are perfectly familiar with this simple and tasty sweet.

Lemon and yogurt cake

Lemon and yogurt cake

Lemon cake, a version of homemade yogurt cake, is one of those recipes that has been passed down from generation to generation and is prepared in practically every family in our country.

Cakes with fruit

Strawberry and pastry cream cake

strawberry cake with cream

A practical demonstration that at home, without much cooking knowledge and with just a little time, we can prepare delicious desserts and sweets.

Strawberry cake with yogurt

Strawberry and yogurt cake

Imagine a delicious piece of cake, soft and spongy, almost like a mousse but without the calories. This is a dessert for people “with a cooking allergy”, easy and quite quick.

Easy mango cake without oven

Mango cake without oven

A layer of crunchy biscuit, then we incorporate the seasonal mangoes in a mousse texture and finish with a layer of delicious mango jam. Lots of fruit in an exotic, refreshing and very original dessert.

Cheese and yogurt cake with kiwis

Cheesecake with kiwi

For this kiwi cheesecake we will only need 6 ingredients, and its preparation is suitable for anyone because it is so simple.

No-bake fruit mousse cake

No-bake fruit mousse cake

This is one of those super easy dessert recipes, ones that you have no excuses not to prepare at home and without an oven. It is ideal to prepare in summer or any hot season, when the oven becomes an object of decoration in our kitchens.

Saffron pear tart

Saffron pear tart

With the saffron pear tart we increase our repertoire of fruit tarts and we do it in a big way because it is delicate, aromatic and very refreshing.

Cherry pie. Cherry Pie

cherry pie

Juicy on the inside, with a filling that takes your breath away and crunchy on the outside, with a special shortcrust pastry for this cake that you absolutely have to make.

Cream cake and fresh fruits

Cream and fruit cake

The cream and fresh fruit cake is one of those recipes that is made almost without feeling, simple and perfect for those who are starting out in the kitchen.

Blackberry cheesecake

Blackberry cheesecake

This blackberry and lemon cheesecake has an acidic touch that contrasts with the sweetness of the dough and blackberries and is, in addition to being delicious, very refreshing.

Classic apple pie

Classic apple pie

The apple seems to me to be one of the fruits that can best be adapted to a dessert, proof of this is that on the blog you will find many dessert recipes where the apple is the protagonist.

Apple Tarte Tatin

Homemade Apple Tart Tatin Recipe

One of the most famous cake recipes, although in practice we don’t usually make it at home. It is actually a variant of the traditional apple pie, but in this one the apples are caramelized before putting them in the oven.

Lemon and Meringue Cake

Lemon and Meringue Cake

This combination is balanced, and the fresh and slightly acidic flavor of the lemon offsets the sweetness and strength of the meringue. What we do have to recognize is that it is a dessert especially suitable for lovers of lemon flavor.

Orange and meringue cake

Orange and meringue cake

I found the original recipe in a book by master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca and I am sure that the final result is spectacular. However, I propose a much simpler alternative, so that everyone can cook this delicious sweet.

Paulova or Pavlova cake

Paulova cake

The Paulova Cake (or Pavlova) is one of the great cakes with its own name in classic international pastry. Its aesthetics are so spectacular and striking that it is impossible not to leave someone with their mouth open when they see it.

Orange Cake

Orange Cake

An easy and very quick orange cake to prepare, with an added advantage, we will stain practically nothing in the kitchen, which is also a point to keep in mind.

Persimmon cheesecake

Persimmon cheesecake

A cheesecake complemented with all the flavor of this autumn fruit will turn out to be a delicious bite.

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