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Carolinas of Bilbao. Delicious Basque sweet

For 10 € 0.97 /pers. 302 kcal/100g Ingredients For the base: 1 sheet of rectangular puff pastry 20g. of butter 30g. of sugar 1 egg M 30g. all-purpose wheat flour 125 ml whole milk Ground cinnamon For the Italian meringue: 150 g of sugar 40 ml of water 55 g egg white (at room temperature) …

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Christmas Cake. A Christmas cake to succeed at home

For 8 € 1.6 /pers. 305 kcal/100g Ingredients To make the cake: 4 eggs M 100g. pastry-type wheat flour 130g. white sugar 30g. unsweetened cocoa 70% Powdered sugar to decorate For the syrup: 100 g. of sugar 100 ml. of warm water For the cake filling: 150 g. white chocolate 30g. icing sugar 150g. mascarpone …