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Tortilla Paisana

Tortilla Paisana


  • Easy
  • 45 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 1 / person
  • 325kcal per 100g.

How to make a country omelette . I will bet once again on a classic of our gastronomy, one of the recipes with potatoes that triumphs in Spain.

I present you a variety of the classic potato omelette , it is called “ paisana ” because it is from the same country as the potato omelette ; Spanish. The variation is to add other vegetables and some meat element, in this case I have chosen Serrano ham.

Regarding vegetables there is nothing closed, you can change some of them for another one you have at home or that you like more. As for the mushrooms, since we are in autumn I have added some that I had bought the previous day at an autumn fair, but they are not essential, nor very common in this dish.

The most important thing in this dish is the quality of the ingredients. With some Galician potatoes if possible, some free-range eggs, vegetables from the garden and a good virgin olive oil, we will obtain a luxury dish. They will have nothing to envy to the one that the grandmothers do with so much love and patience or to that of your favorite bar where you have the morning snack.

The country omelette of each house is different, I assure you that I have tried a few and none resembles the other, each friend cooks prepares it in a way and gives it its touch.

In summary we can say that it is a variant of the potato omelette to which vegetables and meat elements such as ham or chorizo ​​are added. The country name of this omelette comes to indicate that not being like the Spanish omelette, it is its own country.

The result is a very complete dish, very juicy and with a more than appetizing appearance. It is perfect for a dinner, as a starter at a meal, or to have a snack at any time of the day … I hope you like it!

Preparation of the country omelette

  1. On the one hand we peel and cut the potatoes into small cubes.
  2. We wash and chop the red pepper and the green pepper. We can chop them very small as we have done, or we can cut them into larger sizes if we want to find bigger pieces in the tortilla. We prefer that the ingredients are small so that the final mixture is more homogeneous.
  1. We put oil in a pan and add the potato cubes, leave a couple of minutes, stir and add the peppers. We let them brown over low heat, stirring occasionally.
  2. On the other hand, peel and chop the onion. We have chopped it very small, so that it provides substance but the pieces are not perceived. If we buy serrano ham in taquitos it will be ready to cook, otherwise it will have to be chopped.
  3. We laminate the mushrooms. We have used “cat tongues” but you can add any variety or even mushrooms. It is not a common ingredient in this type of omelette, but we wanted to give it a touch by meeting us in the fall.
  4. In another pan with hot oil add the chopped onion and let it brown a little until it becomes transparent. Next, add the diced Serrano ham and let it fry for a couple of minutes. Add the laminated mushrooms, stir and leave a few more minutes. Finally we add the peas, stir and let the mixture cook until all the ingredients are in place. We beat the eggs in a bowl.
  5. When they are ready remove the potatoes and peppers with a slotted spoon from the pan. Leaving the mixture with as little oil as possible, well drained. If we do not want any extra oil we can use a large strainer.

Final presentation of the country omelette

  1. Add the potato and pepper mixture to the bowl and stir well so that the potatoes are soaked with the egg.
  2. When the rest of the ingredients are made, we also incorporate them, stirring perfectly so that they mix.
  3. Let it rest for about 10 minutes. At this time we add a little salt, but with a lot of redness, since the ham already provides salt. If the ham is very salty, it would no longer be necessary to add it.
  4. In one of the pans we leave a little oil at the bottom, heat it well and add the mixture. We let it cook slowly so that it curdles and we turn around.

You can see all the photos of the step by step recipe of the country omelette so that it comes out perfect, do not miss any detail of its preparation.

Tips for a fluffy country omelette

  • We have given him a couple of laps, which has been twice on each side. We will leave it more or less loose according to the taste of the diners. We serve warm and a generous piece. For the next day it will also be very tasty.
  • In short, there are as many ways to make a country omelette as there are cooks, you cook in each house.
  • It can be made by curdling the egg completely or leaving the egg semi-curdled, with onion, thick or fine, freshly made or resting … with peppers, peas, mushrooms, chorizo, ham, jerky, mushrooms, … whatever you have in the fridge, well that’s what it was about, what was in the garden of each house.
  • You can even change the way the potatoes are cut: uneven pieces, sheets, cubes … I think it is the omelette with more variations than you can find.
  • Here you have mine, the one we prepare at home and that always succeeds. A very complete omelette, similar to the filled one (for the concept) and that I especially like for dinner, or to have a skewer in the morning,… it is good at any time.


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