How to make the perfect tupper

One of the most awaited moments for parents and children has arrived: back to school and work .

A return to routine, good resolutions when it comes to eating, playing sports, and meeting friends forever.

But in September spending also skyrockets, for those who have children it is the most important cost of the year, more than that of January.

The books, school supplies, the new backpack, footwear, clothes, the tracksuit that is too small … another expense, very important and monthly, is the dining room.

But this course starts with a novelty, more than a million children who return to class will find  the return of the typical lunch box  to the dining room .

Many of us eat tupper daily, the blog itself started as a compilation of the food that my girlfriend brings to her work.

Now the tupper with the lentils that mom or dad has prepared will be taken by both the older and the children.

The important thing is that we prepare balanced and healthy meals , as you already know we have a book dedicated only to Recipes for Tupper . A great help to prepare your weekly menus.

Dishes without sausage fritters and precooked things, you can prepare the same food for everyone. Take it, some at home, others in the office and our children at school.

Eating in this way is nothing new and it is not difficult at all. With the crisis in which we are immersed, everything helps , today more than ever, bringing homemade food to work is a highly demanded option and it is also healthier than eating out.

You have to follow some  basic rules so that the food in the office or at school is as tasty as at home, and also cheaper and healthier than some menu of the day in the bar next door.

Tips for a perfect tupper

  1. Making eating a school tupper a tasty, healthy and inexpensive experience involves considering a number of aspects. These range from the correct selection of containers, to planning the menu a couple of days in advance.
  2. The great goal is to achieve a varied, nutritionally balanced and obviously palatable result for children.
  3. What we prepare has to be varied , there is nothing worse than always having the same menu, you cannot eat lentils five days in a row because you will end up hating them. What a bore.
  4. We must plan the menu at least a couple of days in advance, and more if you are going to prepare it for you, your partner and the children. You have ideas to spare, in this blog. In this post I will give you a few but you can visit many more online, in the blogroll you have the ones I usually visit, highly recommended.
  5. It must be understood that eating a tupper is not going on a picnic. We should not eat a sandwich or sandwich, even if one day falls one falls. The food should be varied, organized and as complete as possible .
  6. The menu should include protein foods, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. You should also consider the drink, remember that the best is the water and the dessert that you are going to consume, the best option is always seasonal fruit.
  7. You can freeze some of the recipes that you will see below. At home we always have a lentil tupper, a classic. So when the day has been hard and you don’t want to cook, you have something prepared for the next day.

Our children’s tupper. Tips

  1. If the tupper is for your child, try to make it as appetizing as possible but you don’t always have to do what he likes. Potato chips are not the most recommended option, even if you ask for it every day. Make meals with varied colors and different flavors. But don’t pretend that if you don’t eat broccoli at home, you will eat it at school.
  2. Lunch , that mid-morning snack that all children have during recess, is a fundamental meal of the day. It is essential for their performance during school hours and to face the midday meal with the right appetite.
  3. We must opt ​​as a rule for products that complement what has been taken at breakfast. That is, if you have had dairy, the ideal is to opt for fruit or cereals.
  4. The classic sandwiches are the most common resource against fruit or dairy, which are also a good option for this time of day.
  5. The formats and presentations of the products have improved and some schools also offer facilities for their preservation. The excuse of transportation and maintenance is no longer valid for not having juices or yoghurts for lunch.
  6. Remember that they are just ideas, recipes to take as a single dish at lunchtime. Therefore, the portions of meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables or dairy that are missing to complete the nutritional pyramid must be taken at night or on weekends.
  7. It is very important to have a good breakfast at school or at the office so as not to starve yourself in the morning, do not be one to hear their stomachs roar like a lion in the zoo …

My top recommended recipes for a yummy tupper

In today’s post I am going to recommend the 10 most successful recipes at home when preparing the weekly tupper . They are not the most famous on the blog, but they are good, easy and cheap. They hold up well from one day to the next, you can make many servings, they reheat well in the micro and they look like freshly made.

Remember that you have to accompany your meal with one or two pieces of fruit and eat at least one piece of bread, here there is no first and second, a single and consistent dish, healthy and above all delicious.

Stuffed squid with onion sauce: Stuffed squid is a homemade dish of a lifetime that I have seen my mother prepare since childhood and that everyone loves.
Lentils with chorizo or lentils in the traditional style. A grandmother’s recipe that I have been making since I was little, simple and worthy of kings, or it seems to me.
Homemade meat lasagna : Another classic to take to eat at work or school, almost all children like it. Do not go over the quantity, with a portion arrives. It is a fairly complete recipe and gives you to overcome a day full of energy. The one I recommend is meat, but you have many ways to fill it.
Grandma’s meat stew or stew: The classic stew of all life, well suited to any situation and a recipe that always triumphs. Not suitable for freezing since it has cooked potato.
Meatballs with curry sauce and potatoes: Another great classic, meatballs, although this time cooked in a more imaginative way: with curry. For not making them as always with the Spanish sauce or with fried tomato.
Free-range chicken stew with pineapple and saffron : One of my favorite stews and I hope it is also yours. The touch of pineapple gives it an impressive bittersweet flavor that I love in food. You can also use apple, pear, banana, peach or mango are fruits that I usually incorporate lately in my recipes.
Hake in green sauce: A simple, quality dish prepared in a plis-plas. Healthy and very healthy.
Salmon Burger or Laxwallenbergare: Beyond Ikea dumplings, Scandinavians love a burger-like but fish-like dish. This Swedish recipe belongs to the famous “lax” family which is the Swedish name for salmon. In this recipe we change the minced beef, the famous Wallenberg for minced salmon.
Swiss chard with bacon and tomato: Some Swiss chard to eat some vegetables, if you prefer they can be perfectly substituted for spinach. The outer leaves, which are usually the greenest, are those that contain the greatest amount of vitamins and carotenes. This is a very complete dish not only for the chard but for the contribution of the bacon and the vegetables.
Peas with Iberian ham A simple and delicious dish, but above all very fast, it is done in 5 minutes. For those who do not have time to waste in the kitchen and say not to cook because the rich takes time. The ideal is to prepare it with fresh peas, but its season is small and they are usually quite expensive. So these are canned, yes, the best they had in the supermarket.

What do you bring to the office to eat? What do you have in mind for your kids? I await your responses on facebook , twitter or email .

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