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Apple Pie. Apple pie

Apple Pie. Apple pie


  • Half
  • 90 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.7 € / person
  • 305kcal per 100g.

How to make an apple pie or apple pie .

When we talk about an apple pie , we are talking about an apple pie , but not just any one.

It is a kind of pie filled with apple , sugar and spices, which today is part of the classic pastry repertoire in the United States and in several European countries.

On the blog you can find my first approximation of an apple pie or apple pie , but this recipe, from an American cooking course is the bomb, any of the 2 have their grace and are to be repeated over and over again.

It is a cake as easy to prepare as it is tasty. I encourage you to delve into the pastry culture across the pond, making chocolate brownies is fine but an apple pie is the best of the best.

Accompany it while it is hot with a ball of homemade vanilla ice cream , great!

Preparation of shortcrust for Apple Pie

  1. We have two options when preparing this cake. We can use industrial shortcrust pastry, or make our own homemade shortcrust pastry .
  2. I encourage you to launch for the second option. This type of dough is very easy to prepare and the result is infinitely better.
  3. If you choose to make your own shortcrust pastry at home, you can watch the video with the entire process explained step by step.
  4. Once we have the dough ready, whether homemade or industrial, we start with the apple pie filling.

Preparing the Apple Pie Apple Filling

  1. We peel and core the apples. We are placing them in a large bowl cut into segments of about 2 cm. We don’t need to cut them too thin.
  2. Add the lemon juice to prevent the apple from rusting. As much as possible and add.
  3. Add the sugar and cinnamon to the bowl and mix well so that it is impregnated in all the apple segments. Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes.
  4. Drain the juice that the apples may have released and add the cornstarch and the melted butter. We mix well.
  5. We place half of the shortcrust pastry between two kitchen towels or on a floured surface.
  6. We stretch it with a roller giving it a rounded shape, so that it protrudes about 4 or 5 cm. Regarding the diameter of the mold that we are going to use.
  7. We grease the ovenproof pan and line it with half of the shortcrust we have.
  8. We pour the apples on the dough that will make us the base of the cake.

Baking and final presentation of Apple Pie

  1. We repeat the stretching operation with the rest of the broken dough and cover the apples with it.
  2. We seal the entire perimeter of the cake by rolling the excesses of the two masses, the upper and the lower.
  3. We make some cuts that will serve as ventilation of the cake during baking.
  4. We paint the cake with beaten egg and sprinkle sugar over its entire surface.
  5. With the oven previously hot, we bake at 180º C with heat up and down, without fan, for 1 hour.
  6. When we see the surface of the cake begin to brown, we cover it with aluminum foil to prevent it from burning.
  7. Let the cake cool on a rack for about 2 hours before consuming it.

The traditional thing is to serve it warm accompanied by a ball of vanilla ice cream.

It is also great to enjoy it cold with a chantilly cream. In either version this is a yummy recipe, great.

You can see all the step by step photos of the apple pie recipe   in this album. Do not miss any detail and it will be perfect.

Tips for a Yummy Apple Pie

  • The apples must be of acid type like Granny Smith or similar.
  • The fruit is seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, macerated and placed as a filling for a base of shortcrust pastry . From this point on and depending on the country we are in, the cake is covered with a new sheet of dough, with a trellis or a crumble .
  • It is baked and served hot and almost always accompanied. With small variations in its ingredients, both for the British and the Dutch, it is traditional to serve this cake accompanied by English cream, sour cream or vanilla ice cream .

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