Recipies to do with kids

Recipes to do with children.

Since we were little we began to have a close relationship with food and in my case with the kitchen.

From the hands of my grandmother, my mother and father I entered an area that was not very common in the 80s. It was clear that things were changing and that boys (not just girls) could know the secrets of the kitchen.

This has helped me to orient my life towards the kitchen and for that I thank Lucrecia and Rosa, my grandmother and mother. They are no longer with us, but their spirit is seen throughout the blog. 

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Cooking with children can be an exciting challenge, even a way to educate. A way to share experiences, work as a team, discover new flavors and get to know the ingredients better, are aspects that allow you to see food with different eyes. 

They will also see the effort that must be devoted to eating well but taking into account that for them, cooking is also playing, learning, and an exquisite way of educating. 

What will you get cooking with your little ones?

  • You can share their first experiences cooking together. The recipes are healthy, balanced and ideal for preparing a snack with more friends or an occasional dinner, for example, on a Friday or Saturday in which the family has more time.
  • In each recipe the necessary ingredients are indicated, the steps are explained clearly and easily, without technical vocabulary. The recipes have been chosen thinking about preparations that most children like, also trying to get them to know new tastes and flavors.
  • At the beginning of each recipe, the ingredients of the elaboration have components included in the official list of allergen products, a topic that is currently very present in all kinds of menus.
  • In the same way, it is indicated in each recipe if the use of a cutting utensil is necessary or if the preparation needs heat for its cooking.

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