How to know if the fish is fresh. Tips

How to know when buying fish whether or not it is fresh? If you are not a regular fish buyer (or even if you are, it may happen to you sometime), the same question always arises, is this fish fresh?

In general, the fishmongers and fishmongers in our trusted market tend to advise us and recommend their best gender for a matter of honesty and trust. It is rare that they try to sell you something that is not in good condition.

But so that you feel safe when buying and have it clear without a hint of doubt I am going to give you some tips that will make you distinguish and recognize when a fish is really fresh.

Some data to take into account

  • The more similar the properties of the fish you have in front of when it was alive, the fresher it will be. That is, once the fish becomes fish, there are enzymes and other organisms that will deteriorate the muscle and the skin of the fish, gradually decreasing its quality.
  • Maintaining the well-known cold chain is essential. From the time they are bought in the fish market until they are put on the market. For this reason, the fish is transported in boxes with ice and transported in refrigerated containers.
  • Having said that, now yes, watch carefully.

Stare at it

Looking into the eyes is always very important, also in the case of fish. The pupil should be shiny black and around it should be transparent. If your pupil is dull or grayish it is a clear symbol of little freshness.

The important thing is also on the outside

The  skin speaks of us and in the case of the fish you are going to buy it is no exception. If it doesn’t radiate a vivid, intense hue, retain some blood stains, or peel off easily, that fish is most likely anything but fresh. Avoid flabby fish. Its consistency must be firm.

Give him guts

Never get a fish whose gills do not shine or are bright red or pink, and whose touch is not slippery. If your gills are not light colored or, worse, if they are yellowish or dry, that fish is not for you (and I hope not for anyone).

Make of guts heart?

The  guts  of the fish are the first to deteriorate. This can be verified by looking at the guts of the fish. If they are swollen, it is a sign that they are beginning to break down.

Don’t skimp on this. Or if

There is no reason to panic, but if the  scales  are separated from the fish’s body, forget about it.

If it smells weird, it is weird

One of the senses that will help us the most when buying fish, in addition to sight, is undoubtedly smell,  since despite its characteristic and strong smell, fresh fish should always, always smell like the sea.

Cold Cold

  • As I told you at the beginning, the fish must remain refrigerated until the moment of its elaboration. And preferably I recommend that you consume it the same day that you buy it to help it not lose freshness.
  • Another option is to freeze it. You can fillet the fish or wrap it whole in plastic wrap and put it directly in the freezer. You only have to take it out a day before when you decide to cook it.
  • This is a good way to guarantee yourself that you will eat different varieties of quality fish whenever you want without having to go to the market daily, since unfortunately, it is not always possible.

Trust is not blind, no

  • If you have bought fish insanely, trusting fully the person who sold it to you, and without checking absolutely anything of what I told you previously, it is possible that you have been given “fish for hare”.
  • If you feel nausea or stomachache hours after eating fish you should go to the doctor to rule out possible diseases like the anisakis or allergic poisoning.
  • I hope that my advice helps you feel more secure when buying fish and you lose the fear of going to the fish shop. Knowing well the products you are going to consume will help you fully enjoy them when it comes to cooking .

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