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Pasta Salad With Tuna

Pasta Salad With Tuna


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 0 / person
  • 290kcal per 100g.

How to make a pasta salad with tuna

I present you a  classic pasta recipe , perhaps the best known, with tuna, vegetables and egg. And it is that I love preparing a good pasta salad when the heat arrives, one of those that does not want more than fresh things.

The salmorejo and gazpacho are my favorite, but I also love salads. It could be all week with a free range salad , rice salad or of course, a pasta salad .

They are very nutritious recipes, easy to prepare and easy to eat. You can also prepare them to your liking, with the ingredients that you like the most. On the blog you have a lot of proposals, but I think that today’s is the most classic, with tuna and egg.

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We can use the pasta that we like the most, but for this type of salads we preferably use thick and short pasta, preferably quality.

The combination of egg, tuna, tomato and olives, along with oregano and pasta, you will surely love this pasta salad with tuna and olives as much as I do.

This recipe is within the classic recipes, a salad where the star ingredients are tuna and pasta .

The only novelty, which was a discovery for me, is adding a little bit of chopped raw red pepper to the salad, it gives it a fresh and new touch, I recommend it.

Remember that with a good base and the tastes of home you can prepare an incredible pasta salad, an example this original pasta salad with apples and walnuts .

The secret, the usual, quality ingredients , some free-range eggs, tuna in extra virgin olive oil, to take advantage of it for dressing, a cured cheese that you like, a good pasta, in this case the classic macaroni, Penne Mezzani Rigate Garofalo and some fresh and quality vegetables.

Cooking the pasta and eggs. Tips

  1. We cook the pasta in plenty of salted water for the time indicated by the manufacturer.
  2. The cooking time will depend on the size of the pasta that we use and the brand. So it is best to be guided by what the package indicates.
  3. Drain the pasta once cooked, and cool with cold water to cut the cooking. We drain again and reserve.
  4. The next step will be to cook the free-range eggs. We cover a small saucepan or casserole with cold water and cook them 12 minutes from the boil.
  5. We should not cook them any longer as a dark greenish halo is formed.
  6. It is around the yolk that is unpleasant to the eye, we drain and reserve. With these indications you have to be perfect.

Preparation of the salad accompaniment

  1. Grate the carrots and sprinkle them with a drizzle of vinegar to prevent them from rusting and darkening.
  2. We cut the red pepper into small pieces. We reserve.
  3. We chop the tomato into more or less large pieces, according to the taste of each one. If the tomatoes are of much better quality.
  4. If not, we will get a better result and flavor with this little trick.
  5. It is best to peel the tomatoes in the salad, chop them before and add them to the salad.

Final presentation of the pasta and tuna salad. Dressing and mixing

  1. In a large bowl add the cooked pasta and add the grated carrot, the chopped pepper, the olives and the sweet corn and stir well.
  2. We incorporate the chopped tomatoes and the canned tuna more or less crumbled.
  3. Salt and stir well to integrate all the ingredients.
  4. If the tuna has a quality oil, a good extra virgin olive oil.
  5. We will use it later to season the salad, if not, drain and discard the extra virgin olive oil. Chop the eggs and add them to the salad.
  6. Prepare the dressing by grating the cheese and mix everything in a bowl, with the olive oil, a drizzle of vinegar and the oregano.
  7. We are going to have a very thick sauce due to the cheese, but when added to the salad it will distribute perfectly.
  8. We put everything together with a wooden spoon, mixing all the ingredients well.
  9. We put in the fridge to cool slightly, it will be perfect very fresh, just delicious.

And if you are not a friend of canned tuna, you can make a pasta salad with chicken, it is also delicious.

Here you can see all the step-by-step photos of the pasta and tuna salad recipe . Do not miss any detail and it will be perfect.

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