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Broken eggs with baby eels in garlic

Broken eggs with baby eels in garlic


  • Half
  • 40 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 1.4 € / person
  • 290kcal per 100g.
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How to prepare some broken eggs with baby eels in garlic

Who doesn’t like good fried eggs with potatoes? Well, the broken or crashed eggs that I present today are based on Galician potatoes and fried eggs, a perfect and very economical mixture.

Recipe that pleases both children and adults and that in this case we accompany with some baby eels in garlic .

It is one of the most successful recipes with potatoes on the blog, a combination that few say no, and that if they go with some canes, wine and friends, they complete a perfect evening.

In my land, Ourense, there is a place where they prepare incredible dishes: A Porta da Aira , they make them there with grilled sirloin.

The truth is that they can be accompanied with many ingredients, with gluttony as I present today, or Broken eggs with chorizo , with chistorra , octopus , shrimp, prawns, broken eggs with ham … Imagination to power.

For those who know gulas, these are made from surimi, a technique of Japanese origin that consists of extracting part of the sea flavor from the fish.

White fish are normally used, which is high in protein. I have never tried the famous eels that as they say in my land: ” Eels, have them hailas “, but surely they are very good.

Preparation of the potatoes. The basis of the recipe

  1. We peel the potatoes, wash them in cold water and cut them into slices, as if they were baking potatoes.
  2. You can also cut them into strips, the result is similar although less attractive when presenting the dish.
  3. We dry the potatoes with absorbent kitchen paper and reserve.
  4. We put a very large frying pan on the fire with the olive oil.
  5. Heat the oil, add a piece of potato and when bubbles come out, add the rest.
  6. Fry over medium heat for about 10-12 minutes.
  7. It is important that they are not very crispy but also not cooked, you have to click to know when they are at that midpoint.
  8. We remove the potatoes with a slotted spoon and drain them well. Season with salt and pepper and reserve in a source.
  9. We remove the oil from the pan. You can use this oil perfectly for other recipes.

Preparation of broken or crashed eggs

  1. For this recipe we prepare the lightly caramelized onion with a little honey.
  2. We have to peel the onion and cut it into very thin slices. In the same frying pan that we used to fry the potatoes we add a little olive oil. Always over low heat add all the onion.
  3. When we see that it begins to release water, we raise the temperature a little so that it browns.
  4. We lower the heat and season with salt and pepper, stir with a wooden spoon for about 5 minutes and add 1 large tablespoon of honey.
  5. We remove to caramelize and when we see that the honey is sticking to the onion we remove to a plate.

Eggs and gluttony. Final presentation of broken eggs with gluttony

  1. The key point of the recipe is in the eggs. Add to the same pan 1 tablespoon of oil from the potatoes and fry the eggs without finishing curdling. They should not be too cooked (the yolk should be liquid).
  2. Add the onion and potatoes to the pan and break the eggs with a wooden spoon.
  3. We only have to prepare the gluttony. Chop the garlic cloves into very small pieces.
  4. Pour a good oil into the saucepan and fry the garlic over low heat for 1 minute.
  5. We introduce the gluttons and stir everything gently to mix the flavors for about 2 minutes.
  6. We add a pinch of ground cayenne to give the dish a spicy taste, this step is optional. We add salt and pepper.
  7. We present these magnificent broken eggs on a large plate, crowning the recipe with garlic eel.

This dish must be served immediately and very hot. I hope you like it. Bo provided!

You can see all the photos of the step by step recipe for broken eggs with baby eels  in this album.

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