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Our best chocolate cake

Our best chocolate cake


  • Easy
  • 70 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 359kcal per 100g.

How to prepare the best chocolate cake in the world according to my sister Nuri .

Today I bring you one of those  chocolate dessert recipes that always succeed, a sponge cake.

I usually cook some recipes or others depending on what I read in a book and it strikes me, when I feel like preparing one of my mother’s dishes and that I have not yet posted on the blog or that recipe that I tried in a Peruvian and I loved it …

The fact is that I am guided more than anything by impulses, what occurs to me at every moment.

Today’s recipe is not mine, it is from my sister Nuria, a hit or success in all family gatherings. This recipe does not have the same motivation as when I prepared it for me, in that case it was about accepting a challenge, the one suggested by Carmen, my goddaughter.

And of course, if Carmen says to me, ” please, please, you have to prepare the best chocolate cake in the world , because I go and, at least I try.

This recipe is that, a sponge cake, without fillers, without creams and without decorations, a sponge cake to enjoy just because you don’t need anything else. It is a category chocolate cake .

Surely you will be struck by the oven time, longer than usual, and the especially dense texture of the mixture before baking. I suppose it is part of their success, chocolate in essence and butt flavor , yummy.

Preparation of the chocolate cake

  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler without stirring and at medium temperature.
  2. We reserve it until tempered. Melt the butter in the microwave or in a saucepan and reserve until tempered.
  3.  In a bowl mix the eggs, sugar, salt and orange zest.
  4. We beat well until the mixture foams. Add the melted and warm butter and add to the mixture. Add the liquid cream and beat until it is integrated.
  5. We add the flour and the yeast and with some rods mix the ingredients without beating excessively. Only missing the melted chocolate and mix.
  6. The result is a very dense cream, more than usual in any cake, but do not worry, we will have a fluffy and very tasty cake.

Baking and final presentation of the chocolate cake

  1. While the oven is preheated to 170º C we spread a mold of about 20 cm. diameter. To be removable, with butter. We line the mold with sulfurized paper, both at the base and on the sides before pouring the mixture.
  2. The lining of the mold will ensure that the cake unmolds very easily and remains with the perfect edges.
  3. We bake the cake at 170º C for 40 to 50 minutes, it depends a lot on the oven you have at home.
  4. The last 15 minutes, if you see that the surface threatens to burn, we can cover it with aluminum foil.
  5. In some case, some of you tell me that it is dry. It is normally due to overcooking. Remember that in baking times it also depends a lot on the mold you use.
  6. This is 20 cm. in diameter, so the cake takes a little longer in the center than with a larger diameter mold. With one of 22 cm or 23 cm, you will surely have to subtract 10 minutes from cooking.
  7. We remove the mold from the oven and leave them for 10 minutes on a cooling rack before unmolding it.
  8. We remove the cake from the mold and leave it on the rack until it cools completely.

At the time of serving, we decorate the cake with ground sugar, little more does this cake need to be incredible and delicious, than a coffee or a glass of milk to accompany it, a wonder, I assure you.

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You can see all the photos of the step by step of the chocolate cake recipe   in this album. Do not miss any detail and it will be perfect.

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