Open canning cans effortlessly. Tricks and tips

How to open canning cans effortlessly. Tips and tricks to open them the first time.

On many occasions I am sure that we have all had a problem with the occasional glass jar, jam, honey or any food, which there is no way to open.

This time the saying ” Better skill than strength ” is all applicable, if you do not have much strength it does not matter, most of the time it is because there is a vacuum seal, a technique that consists of extracting air from the interior of the bottle before closing it in order to better preserve the food, thus avoiding its oxidation or decomposition. It may also be because it is filled with food waste or that it was closed too tightly.

There are tasks in the kitchen that require more strength and energy than others, but opening a can of preserves is not one of them. With our tips and tricks you will open it the first time. You can watch our video or read our recommendations.

The best tricks to beat even the most difficult jackpots

  1. To open glass jars with a metal lid (for example, mayonnaise or jam). Metal expands at a lower temperature than glass, that is, with heat, metal (lid) expands more than glass. Put the pot under the hot water faucet, being careful not to burn yourself. A few seconds are enough, the lid expands more than the glass and, thus, it is easy to open the bottle.
  2. Find something you can hold the jar with. Jar lids are slippery and can be difficult to hold firmly using only your hands. Holding the lid with another object besides your fingers can make it much easier to open a complicated bottle, the most common are a rubber bottle opener (like the one in the video), the typical non-slip paper for drawers (like the one sold in Ikea), a silicone sheet for baking cookies, or a glove for washing dishes. Hold the lid of the canister with the object you have chosen, place the palm of your hand on top of the lid and apply pressure. Hold the edges of the bottle with your fingers. Use your other hand to firmly hold the bottle. Rotate the lid, most jar lids are opened by turning them counterclockwise (counterclockwise). Hold the bottle firmly so as not to spill its contents. You can also hold the lid firmly and apply force to the jar, not the lid.
  3. Hit the bottom of the jar with the center of the palm of your hand. This raises the pressure near the cap and breaks the seal in a vacuum. Just hit hard enough to break the seal, don’t be a brute, we don’t want to take the boat away. You should hear a small sound when the vacuum seal breaks.

Other effective tricks to open boats effortlessly

  1. You can also break the seal under vacuum with a kitchen utensil. A very effective trick but in which we have to be very careful because they are glass boats. Choose one of those you have at home, a flat knife, a can opener, a screwdriver, … Place the end of the utensil under the lid of the jar. Put the tip between the lid and the glass jar (very carefully), push the utensil until it is firmly stuck between the lid and the jar, you will notice how it makes a small noise, a sign that you can now open the jar. Be very careful! Thin glass could break.
  2. Wrap the lid in a dishcloth dipped in hot water.
  3. If you’re not going to reseal the lid, pierce it with the back end of a chef’s knife or awl. Easy, puncture the lid in the center with a sharp object, as long as the lid is not too thick.
  4. Using direct heat as a last resort. Get a dryer or some other direct heat source. Heating the cap can cause it to expand a little, which will break the seal. This method can only be used to open jars with metal lids. Do not heat plastic lids as they will melt.
  5. Juan Ito, who usually uses one at home without using strange items in the kitchen: “I generally use a thick knife and if the pot is disposable I do as you say I prick the lid and if I want to take advantage of the pot with the edge of the knife (opposite side to edge) hit the edge of the cover two or three times. I generally use a sharp knife like a bread knife or an onion. You don’t have to hit too hard. The principle is obviously the same as your comment, that is, between air and break the void.

If you have any advice or at home you do it in another way, do not hesitate to send me your recommendation. You can leave yours on my facebook or my mail, [email protected] . A thousand thanks in advance.

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