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Malaga borrachuelos

Malaga borrachuelos


  • Half
  • 120 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.45 € / person
  • 403kcal per 100g.

How to prepare Malaga borrachuelos .

There is a famous sweet recipe in Malaga that I have always liked, Malaga drunkards .

It is a typical recipe for Easter and Christmas that by those dates can not miss in any house.

Like the pestiños , also very typical of this time of year, they are sweets of Andalusian descent, where spices, anise and honey play a special role.

This traditional sweet from the Malaga area also has different variants throughout the Andalusian geography. Drunkards from the Úbeda and Baeza areas, in the province of Jaén, are also famous.

In the south of Córdoba they usually call it borrachuelos or frying pan fruits , specifically from Puente Genil. Whether they are from here or there, they are delicious. Surely each one will have their own recipe at home, I am waiting for you to send them to me and thus complete it.

The term “ borrachuelo ” derives from the wine that carries the dough, which makes the sweet drunk. It is common to see drunkards in the windows of all the patisseries already at the beginning of Lent , but the most common is to prepare them at home as part of the family holiday ritual.

All gather to participate in the task preparing in one go those that will be consumed during those dates, due, in large part to the work involved in doing them.

Thus they spent an afternoon with the family, participating in each other among small glasses of anise. Tradition is fill of angel hair or cream of sweet potato or yam . 

Let’s recover this good habit, even if they take some work, it is worth the effort to see our faces when they try them. I hope you like them!

Preparation of Malaga borrachuelos

  1. In a frying pan we put the lard to heat. When we see that the butter has melted we add a strip of orange peel and another of lemon. In this way we flavor the fat that we will then use to make the dough.
  2. When the peels begin to brown, remove and turn off the fire. Add the sesame and the matalauva to the pan and let it rest in the butter, still hot. We reserve.
  3. In a large bowl add all the ingredients, the flour, the liqueurs, the juice, the orange zest, the sugar and the pinch of salt. We stir slightly with the help of a wooden spoon to mix them.
  4. We add the melted butter, already warm, with the seeds to the previous mixture.
  5. We remove the ingredients, first with the help of the spoon, and then with our hands until we form a ball that does not stick to us. Although at first it seems to us that it is too fat for the amount of flour, do not worry, in the end it will be all absorbed in the dough. Let it sit for 1 hour covered with a cloth.
  6. We are taking portions of dough and forming balls the size of a large walnut. With a roller we stretch each of the balls until it is oval shaped.
  7. Traditionally, there are specific rollers to prepare the drunks. It is a fluted piece that leaves little channels in the dough when stretched.
  8. If you do not have this roller you can draw in the stretched dough portions, channels similar to the traditional decoration with the help of a fork.
  9. We place a tablespoon of angel hair in the center of each portion and fold as we would with a dumpl. We seal the edge by pressing with the teeth of a fork.

Frying and final presentation of Malaga borrachuelos

  1. We heat a casserole not too wide with plenty of oil. The oil needs to cover the drunks when frying them, so the bigger the casserole the more oil you will have to add to cover them.
  2. When the oil is hot, fry the drunks on both sides.
  3. We must be aware of the temperature to prevent them from burning on the outside being raw inside.
  4. Once browned, remove them to a tray with absorbent paper to collect excess oil.
  5. To cover them we have two options:
    • We fill a wide container with sugar and while they are still warm we coat them. It is good to have an assistant at this point, because everything at the same time is more complicated.
    • They can also be dipped in honey. To do this, we prepare the enmelado by heating the honey with about 1/4 of its volume of water. When it is hot and well integrated, we submerge the borrachuelos and remove them to a rack. We let the excess honey drain and dry.

A dessert that will delight at home, you will see. If you like this recipe, be sure to visit our special desserts and sweets for Easter and Easter .  You can see in this step by step how to prepare these Malaga borrachuelos.

Tips for some fluffy drunks

  • Once fried, you can find them smeared in sugar as in this recipe or with a honey bath. Even filled with pastry cream, dipped in chocolate or sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • Although cooking them can be a long process, it is not complicated at all and the result I assure you it is worth it. This time I have filled them with angel hair , the most traditional.
  • With this recipe you will have about 30 drunks at € 0.15 / unit, so it is not an expensive recipe.

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