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Pancakes with pancakes

Pancakes with pancakes


  • Half
  • 60 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 312kcal per 100g.

Pancake cake with tangerine cream and chocolate . Galician tables are filled with pancakes when there is any celebration worth its salt.

There is no more traditional and simple sweet recipe to prepare to celebrate with yours. I bring you a recycling or use recipe, which will allow us to give a new perspective to a dessert. Imagine a pancake with mandarin cream and chocolate, guaranteed success.

I say exploitation because it is a great alternative to take advantage of the pancakes that we have left over from the previous day. The fact is that this tart is so good that it deserves that we make the pancakes on purpose to prepare it.

Among the dessert recipes   you have on the blog you will find another similar recipe, pancakes with Catalan cream , the idea is the same, take advantage and even improve the previous recipe.

It is a very simple recipe that only enriches this traditional carnival dessert. It is about preparing a cream with whipped cream and tangerine, with which we will fill the different layers of the pancake tart.

We finish off the work by crowning the dessert with a layer of chocolate that, in my opinion, combines perfectly with the pancakes and the subtle tangerine flavor of the cream. The result is a soft, creamy and perfect tart as a finish to a good Galician stew, either during these festivities or at any other time of the year.

Preparation of the pancake

  1. We prepare the pancakes  at home. On the blog you can find the recipe for the classic Galician pancakes . This recipe would be perfect also using the traditional Asturian frixuelos , it is up to you.
  2. We put the gelatin leaves to soak to hydrate them. We reserve them until the moment of using them.
  3. We make the juice of the 4 tangerines and reserve it. We put the skins in a saucepan and add the glass of Fray Angélico liquor and the sugar.
  4. We put the casserole on the fire and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring at first until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat, remove the tangerine skins and add the juice that we have reserved.
  5. We incorporate the leaves of gelatine already hydrated, we remove the mixture so that the leaves dissolve and we reserve the mixture until it has been tempered.
  6. We assemble the cream until it is very hard and, little by little, we incorporate the juice mixture that we have reserved and that will already be cold. Mix well and reserve in the fridge.

Preparation and assembly of the pancake tart

  1. We chose a cake pan that has a diameter slightly less than that of our pancakes. Using the size of the mold we cut the pancakes so that they adapt perfectly to the mold.
  2. We can use the mold walls, if it is removable, as a guide and we will have it ready in a minute.
  3. We line the base of the mold with transparent film or baking paper and we do the same with the sides. For this we smear the walls with a little butter so that the paper remains easily glued.
  4. We place a pan in the base of the mold and cover with a small part of the tangerine cream that we have reserved. With the help of a spoon, spread over the entire surface and place a new pan on top. We repeat the operation until we have placed all the pancakes.
  5. We keep the cake in the pan in the fridge for 3 hours, even from one day to the next, until the cream with the gelatin has hardened.
  6. We unmold the cake and place it on the final plate that we will use for its presentation.

Final presentation. Chocolate layer of pancakes

  1. Prepare the chocolate coating by melting it in a saucepan with the butter.
  2. Once the topping is ready we will let it temper slightly before pouring it directly onto the top of our pancake tart.
  3. We can let the chocolate curdle or serve it on the spot. The chocolate will be liquid and a little warm and the cold cake, a perfect contrast.
  4. But if you want a hot touch on the cake. You can also prepare a chocolate ganache to put it on the plate when presenting.

This pancake or pancake tart can be prepared with the little ones at home. One more blog option to do with children.

Although it does not seem very large, keep in mind that it has many layers. So a small portion will be enough for 8 guests. Enjoy it!

Do not miss any detail with this step-by-step preparation of pancake recipe in photos .

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