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Hunter chicken (Pollo alla cacciatora)

Hunter chicken (Pollo alla cacciatora)


  • Easy
  • 90 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.95 / person

How to make chicken alla cacciatora.  Today I present to you a recipe with chicken , a highly appreciated Italian dish, mainly in Tuscany , in northern Italy.

Its origin is not too clear, on the one hand it is said that the hunters themselves cooked it with the easiest ingredients to find and others that they brought from home, such as wine.

Other versions tell us that it was the women of the hunters themselves who had it ready for them when they arrived. This dish is said to have been very successful in the inns near hunting grounds.

The main ingredient in the sauce is tomato . For this occasion I have chosen the pear variety , since it is a meaty and tasty tomato. This vegetable can be considered as one of the healthy icons of the Mediterranean diet for its nutritional benefits. It is a low-calorie ingredient, since its main component is water and it stands out for its contribution of fiber that gives it satiating power.

This is a simple recipe that can be made with both chicken and rabbit. I present you the classic recipe that seems to me the most tasty, an easy and inexpensive dish, a stewed chicken with a tomato sauce and a touch of wine. I hope you enjoy it.

Preparation of the chicken to the huntress

  1. The chicken has to be chopped, we can make it ourselves or we ask our butcher to chop it for us.
  2. Tomatoes will have to be peeled and chopped. We recommend that you do it at the beginning, this way they will be ready when you have to add them. To get the tomato well peeled, the ideal is to cut the skin and blanch it for a couple of minutes. So the skin comes out practically alone and in this way we will not find remains in the sauce. Peel, chop and reserve.
  3. Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan or in a refractory casserole.
  4. While it is being heated, we take the opportunity to chop the onion. The pieces do not have to be very small.
  5. When the butter has melted we add the onion, fry it lightly and then place the chicken pieces. We will be removing it and turning it frequently, until it turns a light golden color.
  6. While we are watching the chicken, we are chopping the carrot and celery stick. In some regions, more celery and carrots are added. Mushrooms can also be included in the sauce.
  7. When the chicken is golden brown and the onion is poached, add the tomato, carrot and celery. Add the white wine, leave it to boil, and then pour in the chicken stock ( so it will be tastier than simply using water).
  8. Cover the casserole and cook over low heat for 45 minutes until the chicken is done inside. When it takes about half the time we spread parsley and season to taste. Once the cooking time has finished, let it rest for a few minutes and serve hot.
  9. Like almost all stews, if you let the sauce settle, it will be tastier, since the flavors intensify. We can accompany it with any type of pasta or with white rice . I hope you like it.

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