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Duck with orange

duck with orange


  • Half
  • 150 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 4 / person
  • 270kcal per 100g.

How to prepare orange duck. I have always been curious about this meat recipe,  orange duck , but despite this it had never occurred to me to prepare it convinced that it would have to be a very elaborate dish.

I have to tell you that I was totally wrong, it is a fairly simple dish to prepare, with no more complications than the preparation of a good baked chicken can have , with the supplement that the orange duck includes an incredible sauce.

It is a recipe from the most classic repertoire of French cuisine . Although it is not very common in Spain to prepare it, the French use duck to a much greater extent than we do in many ways. From all the recipes related to its liver, foie gras, micuit, duck breast , to the bird itself, as is the case with this recipe.

What I really found great about this recipe is its sauce, a combination of sweet and sour that perfectly accompanies the flavor and texture of this meat.

A recipe that is a true wonder, easy to prepare and with a totally yummy result. The ingredients for the sauce are basic and the process simple, It is about combining the orange, both its juice and part of its skin with part of the juices of the roast duck and a glass of good brandy.

We will have a dense and shiny sauce that will be perfect to accompany the duck and any garnish with which we want to serve it.

As an option duchess potatoes would be perfect, with which we would have on the table a lot of the good of French gastronomy .

Baking and preparing duck

  1. We peel an orange, we open it in 4 parts. We leave it for 1 hour macerating in a bowl with ½ glass of brandy.
  2. We clean the duck of traces of fat and feathers that it may have. We clean it well with kitchen paper, outside and inside.
  3. We salted the duck on the inside and filled it with the orange that we had to marinate.
  4. We place the duck on a tray suitable for the oven, salt on the outside and water with the brandy from the maceration and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  5. With the oven previously heated to 200º C we bake the duck for 1.5 hours. Halfway through the process we water the duck with its own juices and the rest of the brandy. Cover with aluminum foil to prevent it from toasting too much.
  6. We cut part of the skin of one of the oranges, without the white part and cut it into thin strips.
  7. We blanch the orange strips, starting from cold water, two or three times, to eliminate their bitterness. We reserve.

Preparation of the sweet and sour sauce and final presentation of the orange duck

  1. While the duck is cooking in the oven we start to prepare the sweet and sour orange sauce. To do this, in a saucepan, put the sugar at medium high temperature until it becomes a blond caramel.
  2. Very carefully for possible splashes, add the vinegar and 200 ml. of orange juice.
  3. Cook the sauce until it has been cut in half.
  4. When the duck is ready we collect the juices from the baking tray and add them to the sauce. Cover the duck with aluminum foil until serving time.
  5. We also add to the sauce the orange strips and 4 or 5 orange segments. We continue cooking the sauce for 10 minutes and it would be ready.
  6. We can serve the chopped duck accompanied by part of the sauce.

As a garnish I recommend some fried potatoes or a mashed potato . We will have a category dish worthy of any celebration, a dish of yummy.

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