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How to make cordovan salmorejo

How to make cordovan salmorejo


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 1 / person
  • 122kcal per 100g.
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Cordovan salmorejo recipe .

I present you one of my  favorite tapas, appetizers and pinchos recipes throughout the year, especially to refresh ourselves in the heat of summer,  the salmorejo .

I can assure you that it is a recent recipe in my kitchen because in Galicia we are not very used to cold creams like gazpacho or salmorejo.

Huge mistake and sovereign nonsense, what I was missing. It is true that it is not a dish that enters the first, but once the palate is adapted … ummm, just imagine it with a little chopped and crispy ham from the micro and I start salivating.

The salmorejo has the final consistency of a puree or a thick sauce and is usually accompanied with other ingredients to taste, although I keep a little hard-boiled egg and a good Iberian ham.

The most important thing is to use an excellent extra virgin olive oil and that the tomatoes accompany it.

It is a forceful, economical and very nutritious recipe, which can be used as a first course or as the only one depending on the accompaniment.

I have tried salmorejos of all kinds but I stick with the recipe that I present today as it seems to me the most traditional: a Cordovan salmorejo without vinegar (apparently this is how it should be).

Preparation of the Salmorejo

Salmorejo is a cream usually served as a first course. Its preparation is very simple and includes a crushed or crushed bread crumb, if it is telera (typical hard dough bread in Andalusia), garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and tomatoes.

  1. We clean the tomatoes well and cut them into quarters, add them to a large bowl and blend with the mixer until we have a liquid sauce.
  2. We pass this sauce through a strainer to remove possible pieces of skin and small nuggets that have been left to beat.
  3. We cut the bread into small pieces and add them to the previous tomato cream. We let them rest for about 10 minutes.
  4. This way we help the bread to soften if it is very hard and it will be much easier to beat.

Final preparation and presentation of the salmorejo

  1. We peel the garlic and, since we are going to use it raw, we remove the center so that it does not repeat. We add it to the tomato with the bread.
  2. We add the extra virgin olive oil and the salt.
  3. We pass everything through the mixer until it is as fine as possible. We test if it is well of salt and if we do not rectify with a little more.
  4. We can only put the bowl in the fridge and let it cool down. In a couple of hours you will have it very fresh and perfect to try the best Cordovan salmorejo.
  5. At the time of the presentation, it is best to put it in a deep plate or bowl.
  6. Sprinkle with some shavings of Serrano or Iberian ham with a microwave point (10 seconds). This way you will get a crispy touch.
  7. In addition, the cooked egg and a few drops of egg make it perfect.
  8. But the issue does not have to be there, the regulatory council of the salmorejo also recommends us: cucumber, pepper, onion, carrot, beet or peach. I leave this to your liking, bon appetit.

I encourage you to visit more recipes on the blog and prepare them for a light dinner, a party or just because.

A delicious way to share food with friends and the people you love.

You can follow the step by step of this salmorejo recipe in the next album, so I assure you that between the video, the recipe and these photos, it will be perfect for you.

Tips for making a great salmorejo

  • Tomatoes must be ripe, you will notice it to the touch and for its color. It is also important that they are of quality so that your salmorejo makes a difference with that of others.
  • In my case I do not have Thermomix, they say that you get a very fine salmorejo with it. I use a blender and I assure you that it is perfectly fine, maybe there is no super fine cream but I also like to see what it is made of and if I see a small millimeter piece of tomato skin it does not matter to me. In Córdoba 100 years ago they did not have a Thermomix and it was amazing, for sure.
  • The origin of Salmorejo is difficult to establish, although it is surely a dish of popular origin, very humble and the base of many of the meals of olive farmers, peasants and shepherds. Possibly it arises as exploitation of pieces of hard bread, mashed with water, salt and garlic.
  • At some point, oil was added to it and it was used to give support to food leftovers from other days, nothing to do with those that we currently add to it because ham used not to be for this dish.

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