Differences between jam and jam

Jam and jam, are they the same?

Many of you ask me about various types of jams , others about jams . Almost most people confuse the terms, since there are some other differences.

There are foods that sometimes mislead us, a perfect example would be jam and jam. There are many who still do not have it clear, but I am sure that after reading this post, the concept will be clear.

Both to prepare sweet and savory recipes , so you will have a perfect vision when choosing each one.

What is jam?

  1. When we make jam, we always start with whole fruits, cut into pieces or crushed, with a minimum content of 30% fruit.
  2. These are cooked with sugar to get a kind of puree that may or may not contain pieces of fruit, but its consistency will be rather liquid.
  3. If this content is equal to or greater than 50%, the jam will be of “superior” or “extra” quality. We can even find in the market some jam that can have 60% fruit. The best is always to prepare it at home, in our blog you will find a lot of examples.
  • A different touch with this orange marmalade .
  • How to make fig jam .
  • Or a sweet tomato jam that goes perfectly with savory recipes.

What is jam?

  1. Instead, the jam is prepared with the fruit pulp cooked in a syrup. The jam will always have more sugar than a jam.
  2. Its texture is more gelatinous due to the fact that it contains water in the mixture.
  3. The minimum fruit content should be 35% and for the extra 45%.

So that you have it clear when preparing jam or jam at home. They differ in:

  • In its method of preparation.
  • In the minimum amount of fruit it carries.
  • Your amount of sugar.
  • The state of the fruits used in them.
  • And its texture or final consistency.

I advise you to choose preferably jams that only have fruit, sugar and pectin in their composition, which thickens the mixture naturally. This way you will always get to eat a little healthier than with a jam.

Although in the blog you will always see that our desserts have little amount of jam, as it is one more ingredient, not always the only one.

What is your favorite? What is the fruit that you like the most to prepare your favorite jam or jam?

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