Dessert and sweet recipes

Desserts and sweets to make at home. The selection of our favorite desserts

Desserts and sweets to make at home. The selection of our favorite desserts

Many times to eat a delicacy it is not necessary to leave the house. With a little desire and some good ingredients we can make spectacular dishes with which to surprise the whole family. It is almost always thought that to cook well you have to be experts, and the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth.

With these dessert recipes that we bring you today, you can enjoy some delicious sweets without going crazy in the kitchen. They are super simple to make, but they have spectacular flavors, so don’t be left wanting to try any of them.

milk toast

Torrijas are one of those desserts that are always better homemade. You will really enjoy this recipe for milk torrijas due to its delicious flavor and they are also not difficult to make, so you can make them at any time.

Milk buns

With these milk rolls you will have a perfect breakfast or snack. They are super easy to make and can be served with anything. A little turkey, ham, chocolate or jam will go perfect with your rolls.

Milk pancakes

Pancakes are always a sweet that goes perfectly. With this recipe for milk pancakes you will have a perfect breakfast or snack. It is a super simple recipe to make that does not require too much skill and you will love it. Be sure to try them with some syrup, you will surely love them.

Homemade meringue milk

Meringue milk is one of those preparations that are brilliant and that make us look like true professionals in the eyes of our diners, because they are delicious. And the best of all is that we have not invested any time or effort in them. All advantages. Although we talk about meringue milk as a dessert, we really like to have it at snack time.

Cheesecake No Oven

Cheesecake is one of those traditional desserts that you can prepare at home without any problem . The recipe is so simple that it does not need an oven, so the little ones in the house can help you prepare it. A perfect dessert for when you get a sweet tooth.

Homemade Donuts

Who hasn’t ever wanted to make some good homemade donuts ? We certainly do, that’s why we bring you this delicious recipe. It is very simple to make and will give you a spectacular sweet, perfect for treating yourself to breakfast.

Chocolate cake

With this chocolate cake recipe you will have a guaranteed sweet treat whenever you want. It is one of those traditional desserts that goes well in any situation. Surprise your guests with this delicious cake that we assure you will not leave anyone indifferent.

Butter cookies

These homemade butter cookies are one of the best cookie recipes we have at De Rechupete. With this recipe the end result is a crispy, crumbly and very tasty cookie. Very similar in flavor to the Danish cookies in the blue can.

Homemade cupcakes

A cupcake fresh out of the oven, very spongy and with its top protruding from the base wrapped in curled paper is an image that is difficult to resist. With this recipe you can have these delicious freshly made homemade muffins without too much effort.

Lemon and yogurt cake

Lemon cake is a perfect recipe for those who want to get started in baking. It is a classic sweet, one of those that everyone likes, and it is absolutely delicious. It is a very simple recipe that takes 10 minutes to prepare and 30 to cook.

Cookies and butter cake

A truly delicious bomb. With this cookie and butter cake recipe, the sweetest people in the house will be delighted. It is super easy to make and does not require an oven to prepare, so the little ones in the house will be delighted to help prepare it.

Homemade applesauce

Apple compote is one of those sweets that is usually prepared at the end of summer, when apple production is enormous and must be sold. One of those traditional recipes, over low heat in a casserole, that will remind you of the traditional flavors.

Homemade granola

Granola   is a breakfast or snack recipe that is sweeping the US . A combination of rolled oats, fruits and honey that is baked until crispy. It is a super simple recipe that has a spectacular flavor and you will surely love it.

Homemade yogurt

The process of making yogurt at home is very simple, as it is for personal consumption and we do not need to transport it or for it to last long, we can generate a fermentation of the milk and store it in our refrigerator for about 7 days without the need to pasteurize. This way we can have a delicious homemade yogurt without any problem.

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