Top 10 appetizers that always triumph

One of my best memories of when I was a retaco is without a doubt going with my parents through the vineyards of Ourense to have an aperitif. Strolling through the streets and squares of the vella area of ​​Ourense, from Eirociño dos Cabaleiros to Calle San Miguel or the narrow street Lepanto, all around the cathedral area.

Encourage yourselves with this selection of the best appetizers from Rechupete Recipes. Great classics from the aperitif world to accompany your favorite drink. For every taste!

Top 10 snacks to accompany your favorite drink

Omelette Omelette

I leave you with a unique and universal Spanish omelette recipe, it is clear that this is my recipe, the one from home that my mother taught me. Because the best omelette is that of a dad or a mom, that of the grandmother, that of the house or that of the bar of a lifetime.

guacamole Mexican guacamole

Do you want to travel to Mexico? You can do it with the palate with this delicious recipe for Mexican guacamole. We could say that this classic from Mexico is liked by everyone, from the most radical vegetarian to the most passionate about barbecue.

Ham croquette Ham croquette

This is my recipe, the one from home that my mother taught me. I only contribute one more and I hope you like them. This is after several years a balanced croquette, a soft béchamel for a smooth and tasty dough and finish with a crispy batter.

tigres_croquetas_mejillones Mussel tigers

It is a very simple and grateful recipe. It has the creaminess of bechamel and that taste of the sea that Galician mussels give us, it is very important that they are of quality and in my opinion those from my land are the best. It is still a different way of eating croquettes, much more original and easy.

pavia soldiers Pavia Soldiers

One of the typical dishes of Madrid bars that I love is the Casa Labra battered cod. A place where I usually take my parents or friends who come to Madrid, I become one more tourist and we go to the Puerta del Sol to have tapas.

Homemade Russian Salad Recipe Russian salad

Russian salad, Olivier salad … different names for the same base of potatoes, vegetables and homemade mayonnaise. This recipe for vegetables and potatoes that I present to you is my mother’s authentic salad, the one that I prepared in my early days.

spicy potatoes Spicy potatoes

The essence of this apparently simple dish is the combination of crispy potatoes on the outside and creamy on the inside, and a delicious spicy sauce.

Hummus Recipe Hummus chickpea

A cream, pate or chickpea puree that is a classic in Mediterranean cuisine. I assure you that this recipe is a delicious dish available to everyone, cheap, simple and where the chickpea is … but it does not seem so.

Gazpacho recipe Andalusian gazpacho

There are many recipes for gazpacho, as many as you cook, everyone brings their touch and adapts the ingredients to their tastes or to the season. I leave you with mine, a perfect starter or appetizer to turn off the heat of Summer.

Meat Bomb Recipe Pumps. Meat Stuffed Potatoes

This is the typical recipe of a lifetime that a mother or grandmother can make at home, and that everyone loves. They are simple to make and delicious, so you will earn points if you make them at home. Also with a couple of “pumps” one is more than satisfied.

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