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Codfish salad

Codfish salad


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 1.9 / person

We can say that we find more and more complex salads every time than the classic green salads to which the definition refers, such as for example this recipe for “Cod, dried fruit and red fruit salad on a bed of multi-colored lettuces”, or a very Complete, full of color for its red fruits and with a toasted touch of dried fruit that mixes with one of my favorite fish: cod. You already see that cod is triumphing in many of the salads thanks to its various nuances of flavor, from the salting, to an intermediate point of point of salt that leaves nothing indifferent. How much we are learning … I leave you with the salad, do not miss a detail.

For the cod salad

  1. Put the cod to soak in the cold, giving it 2 changes of water, one every 12 hours. Burn the skin of the green pepper with a blowtorch, remove the skin with a damp cloth, remove the seeds and cut into very thin julienne strips and reserve in cold water, do the same with the piquillo keeping it in the juice itself.
  2. Peel the onion and cut it into thin julienne strips and set aside.
  3. Put a saucepan on the fire and blanch the tomato for 30 seconds, cut the cooking with ice water and peel, remove the seeds, cut into julienne and reserve, do the same operation with the olives.
  4. Esqueixar (break with the hands) the cod aromatizing it with extra virgin oil and the aromatic plants that we like the most (rosemary, thyme, garlic, etc.). In a bowl put the cod, draining the excess oil, and gradually add the vegetables one by one amalgamating little by little, taking care not to break them, finally we will put the tomato and reserve.

For the crunchy nuts

There are two ways to toast pine nuts:

  1. Put the pine nuts in a frying pan with oil over low heat while stirring until the pine nuts are golden, being careful with the times since when you remove them from the fire they will continue to take color.
  2. Put the pine nuts in a bowl and cook in the oven at 180º with a preheated oven, without stirring, taking the same care.
  3. What is the difference? The clear oil is, some will be more oily than the others, I lean towards the oven. I leave it to your choice
  4. Cashew nuts if you buy them already fried there is nothing to do, it is the most obvious solution, but if you want to make them you make them the same way as pine nuts. I do not advise you to roast them together because they have different oils and weight, the pine nuts would burn and the cashews would not be.
  5. For the spicy Kikos powder. We put in a food processor or coffee grinder some kikos that you want, and blows grind them until obtaining a fine powder but at the same time crisp and slightly spicy.

For the red fruit vinaigrette

  1. Wash and clean the red fruits of impurities. Cut the strawberries into quarters and set aside. Break down the grenade and reserve, here comes the dilemma, what do we use? fresh blueberries, blueberry jam or canned blueberries. The truth everything depends on the season, but so that nobody has problems there are jams with pieces of very good quality. Blueberry jam has been used in this recipe, although we are in season, they are priced …!
  2. In a bowl place 1 part of vinegar for 3 of oil, salt and pepper to taste, the juice obtained from the cherries and the seeds of the pomegranate, the desired amount of Cranberry jam and emulsify until you get a smooth texture.
  3. Remove the stone from the macerating cherries and add it to the vinaigrette, do the same with the strawberries at the last moment, so that they do not lose their texture. The rest of the cherries will serve as decoration.

For the multi-colored lettuce

Clean the sprouts of impurities from the lettuces, give them a couple or three of water, go through a centrifuge to remove all the excess water and reserve. (There are bags in which mixtures similar to those described here come and end up being cheaper.)

Dish mounting

  1. Place a well-mixed quantity of multi-colored on one end of the plate or platter.
  2. Arrange the cod salad taking care not to lose volume, distribute the pine nuts and cashews over the two salads, decoratively dirty the dish with a little teardrop vinaigrette.
  3. Sprinkle the kikos powder in the form of rain, dress the vinaigrette lightly with the multicolour and finish off with the olives previously smeared in oil over the cod.

I hope you like it and enjoy it, you just have to present it at the table and eat.

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