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Chinese fried noodles with chicken and vegetables

Chinese fried noodles with chicken and vegetables


  • Easy
  • 25 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.4 € / person
  • 290kcal per 100g.
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In our kitchen we always have Chinese noodles as a wardrobe, they save you a quick dinner or to prepare today’s dish, with chicken and vegetables sauteed in the wok .

This recipe admits a lot of variations, both in the ingredients and in the preparation. You can take them with more broth, as if it were a noodle soup or more crunchy, passing them a little more in oil, a dish for those who like to create and have fun cooking.

If you are one of those who look at the fridge and already know what to cook, they are perfect, because you can add your favorite ingredients. You don’t have to run to the supermarket to make them, you can prepare them with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and even vegetables. What do you think?

The origins of the famous noodles, although most of the world thinks pasta come from Italy, was actually in China, where for more than a millennium like noodles were preparing to noodles .

Its origin is highly disputed among Italians, Arabs and Chinese, but the first historical reference to this dish was written during the Han Dynasty. In October 2005 the world’s oldest noodle was discovered in Lajia along the Yellow River in Qinghai , China. With which the origin of the noodles is confirmed, they are more than 4000 years old and were not made of wheat, the cereal used was millet.

Chinese noodles are prepared with a slightly salty paste, so there is no need to add salt to the water when cooking. Another advantage is that their cooking time is much less than that of Italian pasta, they usually cook very quickly, in 5 minutes they are ready.

Also nowadays you can find noodles of all sizes and flavors, making it very easy to vary the recipe and make it to your liking. We use the most common in all supermarkets, those of wheat with egg, you can find it without eggs too, although with rice we also find this recipe very good.

We can fry or steam them, but what makes a Chinese noodle dish special is what it is served with, some strips of tender chicken and crispy vegetables. A really rich recipe and very easy to prepare, deliciously tuned but with an oriental touch. I hope you like it and are encouraged at home to prepare it.

Cooking Chinese Noodles

  1. Add the noodles to the wok with very hot water and without salt.
  2. Be careful because these noodles take less time to cook than Italian pasta. They generally require less than 5 minutes to reach their point. In fact, some noodles reach this state in less than a minute, being ready to serve.
  3. So 4-5 minutes is enough, we remove them from the heat and drain. We will put them under the tap to cool them and prevent them from continuing to cook.
  4. In the same wok, we will prepare the chicken and the vegetables are ready.
  5. We do not throw the cooking liquid, it can be used to take the noodles as if it were soup, I leave it to your choice.

Preparing the chicken and vegetables

  1. Chop the garlic very finely or directly crush it to make it puree. We reserve.
  2. We clean the chicken and remove any remaining fat or tender meat. We cut the breast into strips and reserve them.
  3. Add a little oil (soft virgin olive oil or a seed oil, the sunflower oil is perfect) in a frying pan or wok and add the garlic. As soon as we see that the garlic changes color we add the chicken into strips and let it cook a little but without browning.
  4. We sauté at maximum temperature and pour the soy sauce, we are not going to add salt, with the soy it is enough. As soon as the chicken broth and soy sauce reduce, remove from the wok to a plate and continue with the recipe.
  5. We wash all the vegetables very well and cut them into thin strips, julienned , except for the mushrooms, which we will cut into quarters.

Sautéed in the wok and final presentation of the Chinese noodles

  1. When you have all the vegetables ready we add them to the same wok where we have prepared the chicken with a few drops of oil.
  2. We are going to make them in the following order, first the red and green pepper (one minute at high temperature) and then the mangetout and the Chinese onion (another minute at high temperature).
  3. We remove everything very well and cook about 3 minutes with a teaspoon of soy. We remove from the wok and go with the following vegetables.
  4. We sauté the mushrooms with other drops of oil and when we release part of their water we add the pak choi.
  5. We leave them about 4 minutes until the water has reduced. We remove from the wok and reserve.
  6. We add a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil to the wok and add the Chinese noodles.
  7. We fry for a minute, constantly moving so that they do not burn. The heat should be low to medium for the noodles to sizzle but not burn.
  8. After the minute we add the chicken and fresh vegetables to the wok. Mix everything with a spoon so that the flavors come together.
  9. We decorate each plate with a little chopped coriander and sprinkle it over the Chinese noodles. We serve them warm, with or without chopsticks.

It is certainly an exotic chicken recipe , of which the dish is repeated. Do not stop trying it and you will tell me …

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