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Chicken rice

Chicken rice


  • Half
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 2.1 € / person
  • 190kcal per 100g.

How to prepare a chicken rice .

This is perhaps one of the most successful rice recipes on the blog, I am sure it is for its simplicity and because it is a cheap dish, affordable for all budgets.

It is not the famous Valencian paella , although it has some similarity. To make this dish we have opted for a round grain rice that helps us control the recipe without problems. Cooking with a trusted brand that we always succeed with, Brillante Sabroz rice .

The rice with chicken and vegetables is one of the most famous Latin American dishes with regional variations by country. In this case, Spanish style, without so many spices and with ingredients from here, although many coincide.

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This easy chicken rice recipe is a classic among our grandmothers’ classics, a homemade recipe of a lifetime. Another type of chicken recipe that I love is the rice with chicken curry that my girl loves.

This rice is one of the fundamental dishes, a staple in my kitchen. One of those  chicken recipes that we prepare at home every month.

Vegetable Preparation

  1. Peel the garlic cloves and chop as best as possible. We reserve.
  2. Chop the onions, zucchini, carrots and peppers (green and red) very fine so that they melt in the cooking.
  3. We blanch the tomatoes, remove the skin and cut them into small pieces. We reserve for later.
  4. Add the oil to the casserole. When the oil is hot, fry the onions, zucchini, peppers and carrots, this process takes about 10 minutes over high heat, always stirring carefully.
  5. We throw the tomato very chopped, this we have to do when the previous vegetable is already poached so that the previous ingredients are not burned. Add the green beans and stir.

The chicken

  1. We cut the wings into 2 pieces and season with salt, pepper and the minced garlic cloves.
  2. It is best to have the chicken macerating for about 2 hours before preparing it so that the flavors come together.
  3. Add the wings to the casserole. We spend them (about 10 minutes at medium temperature) with the vegetables.
  4. You see that this is about chopping vegetables and chicken, adding them to the saucepan little by little.

Final preparation and presentation of the rice with chicken

  1. We introduce the rice and stir everything gently so that it is well impregnated with the stew and absorbs the flavor. Leave for 5 more minutes on medium heat.
  2. For the bomb rice issue, the exact measurements are 2 and a half broth for every 1 rice.
  3. Even so, if we observe that the rice is a little hard, but the casserole is running out of sufficient liquid, we will gradually add more water until it is ready.
  4. Mix the saffron in part of the broth. And once the rice has absorbed all the flavor of the stew we add the chicken broth in the casserole.
  5. We raise the temperature to the maximum until it begins to boil. Then we lower it in half and let it be done little by little. This process takes about 15 minutes for broth rice and 18 for dry rice.
  6. We can add one or two bay leaves to the broth.
  7. We rectify liquid with water and we are testing the rice. We remove from the fire and let stand 10 minutes.

A dish that belongs to the dishes of traditional cuisine from almost everyone.

You can also make it a special day like Sunday and to eat daily. Perfect for planning your daily menus.

If you do not want to miss the detail of this chicken rice recipe .  Do not lose detail and it will be perfect.

Tips for a perfect chicken rice

  • It is important that when chopping the vegetables they are in small pieces, thus we will ensure that their texture is not noticed but the flavor it gives the rice. In our specific case, too small for my son to eat without saying there are large pieces.
  • I tell you some advice of macerated on the subject of chicken, but here everyone has their tastes at home. I tell you that we can even add a little soy sauce, which is very good, and for the most daring, a splash of honey.
  • Each rice is a world and round rice is special, this variety differs from the rest for being a grain that does not break when cooked but bulges.
  • It can increase its size up to 3 times, with an accordion effect that allows it to be loose and whole. It also has the property of being the rice that best absorbs the flavors and aromas of the broth ingredients.
  • I hope you cheer up with this simple rice, which is also a recipe that triumphs among the little ones at home. A perfect way to introduce vegetables to your menu through one of your favorite dishes.

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