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Bones of San Expedito

Bones of San Expedito


  • Easy
  • 60 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 1.9 / person
  • 305kcal per 100g.

How to make San Expedito bones.  I have known these sweets in Andalusia and Madrid, where they are typical in All Saints and Easter .

A sweet recipe that more than succeeds like other frying recipes, as present at that time as fritters . But in other parts of Spain they are also a traditional dessert, where it is possible to find them with other similar names such as huesillos from Extremadura , rolletes or bones .

We can say that they can fall into the category of ” convent sweets “, as they are made by the nuns of many convents, such as in Seville, where they take center stage at Easter.

They really have more “finger” shape than bone, but in all confectioneries I have seen them more or less in this format. I have followed the traditional recipe and the truth is that I have left a few fingers. The dough is similar to that of anise donuts , although with an even more pronounced flavor, when carrying the anise in grain.

On the blog you can also find other typical and well-known recipes of these dates: the French toast , the bones of the saint , the yolks of Santa Teresa  or the traditional panellets .

They are perfect for the after-dinner table, for a snack or for breakfast. The truth is that at home we have ventilated them in a couple of days, and we have even shared with the neighbors. I hope you dare to prepare them, and then you will tell me.

Preparation of the bone mass of San Expedito

  1. In a large bowl, pour the sugar, the olive oil, the eggs plus the yolk, and a pinch of salt. We mix.
  2. Next we add the dry anise and the well crushed anise grains. If you do not want too much flavor, do without dry anise, but hey, it would no longer be the traditional recipe. We keep mixing.
  3. We continue with the flour, which we incorporate sifted, and finally the chemical yeast. We are kneading in the bowl, until the dough is taking shape. If necessary, add a little more flour, until you have a smooth and homogeneous dough.
  4. Cover with a clean cloth and let stand. At least 30-40 minutes, so that it takes the necessary point so that it is then spongy when frying it.
  5. After time, we add flour to the doughs and work the dough slightly for a couple of minutes.

Shape, frying and presentation of the bones of San Expedito

  1. We separate a little and make a cylinder of about 2 cm. thick. Then we cut every 8-9 cm. to make the “bones”. We repeat the process with the rest of the dough.
  2. In a frying pan or saucepan, put plenty of sunflower oil to heat, over medium / slow heat. It must be hot but not overdone, so that the dough does not brown excessively.
  3. We are frying 3 or 4 at a time, so that the oil does not lose temperature.
  4. Round and round until they take on a certain golden color, but without burning. You will see how they swell in the frying, being spongy inside.
  5. We remove and reserve on absorbent paper, so that they lose excess oil. We repeat with the rest.
  6. Once lukewarm, we put them in a bowl and then, before serving at the table, sprinkle with icing sugar to decorate.

These “bones” result in a spongy, soft dough, and of course, with a characteristic anise flavor. As with other traditional fries, we can preserve them in a can or tupper, and they will last us several days in perfect condition.

I encourage you to try making them at home. You can see all the step by step photos of this bone or bone recipe  in this album.

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