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Beef vacuum with chimichurri

Beef vacuum with chimichurri


  • Easy
  • 45 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • € 5 / person

Taking advantage of the good weather we continue with barbecues, in this case we have had a full-fledged Argentine barbecue. From Argentina, photos of the tributes that take place on weekends do not stop arriving, and out of envy (always healthy) we have prepared a vacuum of grilled veal . In addition we still have a lot of chimichurri sauce in the fridge, which I assure you is going like a finger ring.

For those who are not very familiar with Argentine cuts of meat, I present a short summary. In Argentina and Uruguay you can find in a classic barbecue from the strip roast, the chorizo ​​steak, the veal vacuum (one of my favorite cuts), the horsetail, the narrow steak, the popcorn, the famous matambres to the delicious beef entrail. Let’s not forget the Creole sausages that have accompanied all the barbecues in Spain for a few years, rivaling hand in hand with the classic sausages.

The calf vacuum is located in the rear side of the cows, between the ribs and the hip sockets. It is a very juicy meat although it is somewhat hard because it is quite fibrous, so it should be left to do little by little, without rushing. It is covered with a skin or membrane like the entrails, which is usually removed when grilled as in this case (you can ask your trusted butcher). This skin when prepared on the grill is left because when roasted it is very crispy, yummy. The vacuum always has a little fat and that is why it is also so tasty when prepared in the roast. In today’s recipe I will teach you how to prepare this piece of meat, both grilled and grilled, so that you do it in the same way as it is done in Argentina.

Preparation of the beef vacuum. Before cooking

  1. With the roast strips this piece is one of the ones I like the most, perhaps they are the perfect duo on the Argentine grill. In Spain you can already get these types of cut without any problem in many large areas, although I advise you to go to your trusted butcher and choose it there.
  2. Your butcher will give you a piece of meat, the color of the meat should be neither too light nor too dark, cherry red, with the fat white and not yellowish. To the touch it should feel moist and not pasty. And, of course, it does not have to have a bad smell, try to avoid the fat of the meat being excessive.
  3. Another characteristic of this cut is its layer of skin, ribs or small leather, which if we manage to make it crisp after roasting it, will be an extra pearl to enjoy. The vacuum is usually bought whole, it weighs between 1.5 kg. and 2.5 kg., with what they eat from about 6 people without problems. Another of the most important things when we are going to cook meat is that it is at room temperature. When you put a cold piece of meat on a hot surface, the meat constricts and becomes tough and leathery. So we take the meat out of the fridge and let it warm up before cooking.
  4. The second tip is that you don’t put salt on them until you’ve cooked them. When you vacuum salt it absorbs the moisture from the meat, and when you put it on the griddle with salt, the moisture on the surface of the salt tarnishes the meat instead of letting it brown. Although many people like to season meat before, the best option is aromatic herbs: oregano, parsley, black pepper, rosemary or thyme.
  5. We must also control the temperature of the meat so that it is in its point (the point of the meat gives it the maximum flavor, many people cook it too much and we eat pieces of charcoal). Paco on the grill

In the grill

  1. The first thing is to prepare large coals, they can be charcoal or firewood, but it is important that they are very well lit. If the coals are half-lit, the consequences range from a bad taste in the meat to possible intoxication. You have to take the time to light the fire and have the coals well “cooked” before putting the meat on the grill.
  2. Once the coals are ready, a few need to be scattered under the grill. If the grill is not well cleaned, wait for it to heat up and clean it well with a little paper and a roasting brush.
  3. With the grill already hot and clean, the meat on both sides is well salted and placed on the side of the fat. To evaluate the heat there are different methods. A simple one is to find that the charcoal is enough for the fat to crack without burning. Try to keep the heat constant throughout cooking, that is, that the meat does not stop roasting at any time.
  4. With the embers already ready under the hot grill, we put the vacuum stretched and with the leather down. Then we apply a good capita of salt and leave on moderate but firm heat between 30 and 40 minutes until the leather is absolutely golden. It will also look great when the fat on the bottom is golden brown and the top feels warm. Once cooked on the skin or skin side, turn it over, if possible without pricking it so that it does not lose juice and stay dry, I recommend barbecue tongs. We turn the piece and finish roasting.
  5. To serve, elongated cuts are made perpendicular to the fiber of the meat. The best thing is to go serving little by little, so that it does not get cold either in the source or on the plate, do not skimp on the sauce and do not forget to serve with a garnish of vegetables, potatoes or white rice. Another way to eat it is in the form of a sandwich, the classic Argentine sandwich known as “vaciopán”.

I assure you that it is delicious, perfect for a holiday or special day. I recommend that you try this recipe, you will tell me.

I recommend you accompany the roast with the most useful and used garnish in our country, potatoes . Whether a grilled style Jamie Oliver potatoes , whether French fries , some potatoes with gravy , boiled, fried potatoes , stewed potatoes potatoes to the oven , potatoes importance , stuffed potatoes , accompanied by salsa , in salad  or simply a mashed potato , potatoes are an easy and successful resource to perfectly accompany this recipe. Enjoy its sweet taste!

Be sure to enjoy all the meat recipes that we have on the blog, I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make yours much happier.

You can see all the photos of the step by step in the next album .

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