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Beef burritos with San Fernando sauce. Mexican recipe

Beef burritos with San Fernando sauce. Mexican recipe


  • Easy
  • 35 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.6 € / person

How to make Mexican style meat burritos . One of the international cuisine meat recipes that has been the most successful for years in Spain is the Mexican one . Their dishes are full of flavors, colors, sensations and new ingredients for the vast majority of us, and they conquer us instantly. The burritos that we prepare today are  stuffed with chicken, accompanied by vegetables and drizzled with the San Fernando sauce , whose main characteristic is that peanuts are used for their preparation.

The meat burritos  are framed within what is known as “ Tex-Mex ” cuisine , dishes that come from the north of the country, in the border area with the states of Texas and New Mexico (United States). Tex-Mex preparations sound familiar to all of us, such as burritos, tacos , fajitas, nachos, enchiladas , etc. Specifically, the burrito consists of a wheat flour pancake (like that of the tacos), which is filled with meat, accompanied by various ingredients and drizzled with some sauce (whether spicy or not). Later it is rolled up into a cylinder and eaten with the hands.

When did the first burritos appear? Well, its origin takes us to the border city of Ciudad Juárez, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and just opposite El Paso (Texas). During the Mexican Revolution in 1910, a man named Juan Méndez had a small food business, and to prevent it from getting cold he created large tortillas and rolled them up to keep them warm. This method quickly became very popular in the area, spreading to border areas on the American side. Juan Méndez got a burrito to transport the food and to cross the Rio Bravo (which borders) and serve his clients on the other side. Every day people from the other shore eagerly awaited the famous “burrito” and the food it was carrying. And from here, the name passed to the plate that Juan offered to his clients and now all of you can prepare them at home, I am sure you will love them.

Preparation of the meat burritos

You will find the wheat pancakes already pre-cooked in the stores and supermarkets of various brands. At home it will be enough to give them a touch of heat in the microwave or in the oven, and they will be ready. In any case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.

  1. We wash the tomato and dice it. Peel the onion and the garlic clove, chop the onion into pieces similar to tomato and the garlic clove into 2 pieces. Pour into a chopper glass and add the roasted peanuts. We crush everything well until a homogeneous mixture is reached. We reserve.
  2. Chop the breast fillets into small pieces (3-4 cm), season with salt and pepper to taste and mark them round and round in a pan with a little oil. We just want to give them a touch, that they cook outside.
  3. In a wide and flat saucepan, add the mixer mixture, pour the poultry stock and stir. We put on medium heat, and when it reaches temperature we add the chicken breast. We put all the spices and let cook over medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes, just enough to thicken the sauce and make it consistent.
  4. At this point we remove the chicken meat to a plate and fray it with our hands (without burning clearly). With the fire turned off, we again add the meat to the casserole and stir to soak it well in the sauce.
  5. We prepare the pancakes. We are adding a little of the filling of the casserole in the central part, from one side to the other. We roll well giving them a cylinder shape and eat with our hands. My recommendation is that you have the filling on one side and on the other the pancakes on a plate, covered with a clean cloth so they do not get cold. We are preparing and eating the burritos at the moment.

Another complement that goes perfectly with these burritos is guacamole . Since I had a little prepared in the fridge, I also added to the filling at the time of throwing it in the pancakes. I hope you enjoy them.

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